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Top 5 gentlemen of cricket with no haters

Rahul Arora
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Cricket was always known as gentleman's game. It was played with intense dignity, courage and a lot of hard work. It hasn't remained the same though.

Over the last three decades, Ccicket has been on the radar of bookies. Players of teams such as India, Pakistan, Australia, England, Sri Lanka have been found guilty in match-fixing scandals.

Crowd expectations, the need to protect one’s place in the side and the desire to reach personal milestones often means that players play for themselves and not the team. Intense fights, sledging has added up the fuel.

Though, there are still some players who conduct themselves well even off the field. These are loved even by the opposing team's fans.

Here's a look at five gentlemen in the game:

#5 Kumar Sangakkara


Kumar Sangakkara is one of the greatest Sri Lankan players to take the field. He is widely respected in the international circuit and has contributed a lot to Sri Lankan cricket.

Sangakkara was one of the most successful captains as well as a popular figure in the cricketing universe for his lovely batting style.

With more than 10000 runs to his name in both formats, he is regarded as one of the best batsmen of his era.


Even during his lows, he continued to operate under the moral conducts that made him the player that he is today.

Still playing in Pakistan Super League, Sangakkara never gave up even in adverse situations. He is idolised around the world for his on-field and off-field behaviour. He is surely a legend of this game and is loved in all parts of the world.

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