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Top 5 Indian cricket stadiums with the best grandstands

Stadiums in India that look even better because of their spectacular grandstands.

In a stadium, the grandstand is the most special section of the seating area for spectators and offers an unmatched view of the proceedings on the field of play. A grandstand generally looks slightly different compared to the rest of the stadium in terms of design and structure.

Nearly all international cricket stadiums around the world have a grandstand and in many cases, it has become the identity of that particular venue. However, it is not necessary that the most popular grounds in a country will always possess the best ones.

India is home to some of the finest stadiums in cricket and many of them have grandstands which can be highly pleasing to the eye. While the ones in the country’s iconic venues are quite incredible, a few of the newer stadiums have grandstands which look even better.

Here are our top 5 Indian cricket stadiums with the best grandstands:

#5 Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, Delhi

The grandstand at the Kotla can be intimidating for opposition teams

Over the years, the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi has been a fortress for the Indian team, particularly in Tests, and its beautifully designed grandstand also makes it look like one. This highly attractive portion of the ground is located towards its southern end which is known as the ‘Pavilion End’.

The appearance of the grandstand at the Kotla has a certain degree of uniqueness to it which sets it apart from all other stadiums in India. While this part of the stadium offers a great deal of encouragement to the home team when fully occupied, it can prove to be an unnerving sight for the opponent team.

It is a pity, though, that despite its remarkable look, one of India’s oldest stadiums is often brought to shame due to poor pitch conditions as well as administrative turmoil.

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