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Vindicated - ICC finally makes some sense but Strauss still talking garbage

939   //    11 Mar 2011, 23:30 IST

Nothing feels better. Absolutely nothing.

Nothing feels better than a sense of vindication.

ICC modifies 2.5 m rule for DRS. Bangladesh beat a big side on a slow (assumption) track.

ICC has made modifications, which, yours truly, this author, argued for in the previous article. It was annoying, funny though, that ICC was defending the umpires’ stupidity (of sticking to original mistakes). That looked just stupid. DRS is a good, evolving system that will require these tinkering.  That is common sense. Nevertheless, it is a nice surprise to see some kind of common sense from an organization, system.

Now, my Bangladesh theory. I watched last few balls. Bangladesh needed four runs from 11 balls. They won, almost a miracle. But, how they won, is irrelevant. How they lost to West Indies is also irrelevant. How they may lose to Proteas, will be irrelevant. I have been just talking about ramifications of these victories.

They are going to emerge stronger. Primarily, I talk about  meta-cricket. Sentiment leads, result follow. Rather than the opposite.

These victories are not random. Suddenly, Bangladesh will wake up and will make a test match last for five full days. It is really about how one sees himself.

It looks like a miracle win, but if you look closely, they still needed the belief that they can win. This belief is the deciding factor. Remember, South Africa did not have it.

England, sadly, are going out. Sooner or later. KP loss is big. A big match and KP will bully your top bowler like anything. It’s not about 30-40 or 60 he scores. It’s about how he scores those runs. Broad loss is bigger. England would have won today, if for Broad. Nothing is impossible, Trott may become Kallis, Bell becomes Kohli, or, Strauss becomes Arnold Schwarzenegger, but England should start packing now on.

England remain a good prospect for future, even with this failure. They have more all round players, who can win matches on most of the tracks.

Kevin O Brien is cool. Ireland too. But, then, I don’t know much about them.

India will play South Africa tomorrow. It’s Delhi. Slow track. If not much upfront damage, India win. South Africa are funny. When India toured them, then pressure was on India. When they tour India, then pressure is on India. What’s wrong? These comments are as misfit as many Rani Mukherjee expletives in ‘No One Killed Jessica’.

Everyone is scared of India. They should be. But, the bowling may let India down any time. Don’t be surprised then. Don’t be at all.

Come for food for thought and not any rubbish. Interested in Philosophy, Cricket, Music, Finance, Driving, Eating. I question conventional wisdom and I write my own perspective. I never ever write 'post match analysis', abhor it. I try to foresee. I do write previews and in fact predict. Bad with one day and T20, too many random results. With tests, skill rules and hence more predictable.
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