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Watching international cricket in UK more expensive than going for football at Wembley

David Pope
1.17K   //    18 Jul 2013, 15:59 IST
England v West Indies, 1st Test, Lord's, Jul 04

Watching cricket in the UK costs an arm and a leg for the junta

Here in England, cricket prices are quite varied. Admittedly, prices don’t really match up to the cost of football tickets. However, I think there may be an issue with the costing of cricket tickets.

First of all, Sussex CCC where I have the pleasure of watching the majority of Sussex’s home matches. Although it hasn’t been much of a pleasure with the recent T20 defeats. Anyway, currently I am very lucky because I am under the age of 18 and therefore I am entitled to a junior membership. This means I can watch all of the home LVCC and YB40 matches for just £20. Then pay an extra £5 for each T20 match and this year an extra £5 for each day of the Australia match.

However, adults aren’t so lucky and it won’t be so easy for me to watch the matches once I am a few years older. Once adult membership hits, the prices rocket up considerably. For example, the standard membership which entitles you to free entrance to all the LVCC matches, the Australia match and the YB40 matches is £190. Then you have to pay an extra £12 for each T20 game.

This means that if I wanted to watch all the games it would cost me £250. This is quite a big jump and I feel it’s quite expensive. There is also premier membership which costs £230 and entitles you to entrance to all the games. There are also other types of membership where you can pay less and have entrance into just some of the games. For me jumping from £50 membership to £250 membership is quite a lot.

I’ve found that T20 prices for adults are quite excessive. It costs £25 for an adult to watch a T20 match and this I feel is pretty expensive. If an adult wanted to watch all the home T20 games it would cost them £125!

Then you need to take into account the ludicrous prices of beers and food and also travel costs which aren’t cheap these days. Yes I understand for some people this is fine and achievable however for many people this is too much for example students or people who are currently out of work etc.

Moving onto international cricket and Test matches in particular. One day at a Test match for an adult or even someone of my age is £70! Now this is definitely too much in my opinion. When you take into account travel costs, drinks, food, spending money etc., that is one expensive day out. I could watch an England football friendly at Wembley for quite a bit less. 

David Pope
Cricket blogger and aspiring sports journalist! Huge Sussex and England fan but l love all cricket in general!
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