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What goes through the mind of the 12th man during a Test match

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It’s not associated with cricket, but it’s definitely not an extricable part of the game. The twelfth man serves as a pivotal facet and helps in a team’s cause of taking strategies forward and re-energising the players.

While players on the field are busy, combining diverse permutations in relation to strategies, the twelfth man, in the dressing room, also has his mind crowded with thoughts.

We take a look at five thoughts that circulate inside the brains of a twelfth man.

#5 Nor here nor there – Am I the only person ‘friend-zoned’?

There’s a dubious terminology that’s prevalent nowadays by the word - friend-zone, where one partner feels to be unjustly left stranded by the other. ‘I love you, but as a friend’- a pretty viral phrase used by all aspiring lovebirds, which is also a decent hit in the social media including Facebook and many more.

The role of a twelfth man is assumed to run parallel with friend-zone wherein a player neither remains out of the team, nor is he an official part of the team that’s present on the ground. It’s a tad harsh on behalf of the cricketer, but that’s the way it is for now.

Nevertheless, the role of a twelfth man can’t be looked down on and needs mobility just like putting in efforts for getting out of the friend-zone for a lover. 

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