What goes through the mind of a fielding coach when a catch is dropped

Shubham Khare

The game of cricket once used to be a two-dimensional sport where batting and bowling were the only areas which the players concentrated on. If you had expertise in one of these, you were good enough to make it to the side.

But gone are those days when your poor fielding could be ignored. Players like Jonty Rhodes revolutionised the game with the acrobatics in the outfield. Increasingly there has been a focus on this aspect of the game. Players go through several catching drills along with their regular net sessions of batting and bowling.

Fielding coach is also an integral part of every side these days and specialists are being brought in to make the players agiler. Still, on several occasions, a fielder drops a catch or two and no one can understand the agony that the fielding coach goes through.

Here are the five thoughts that might flow through the mind of a fielding coach when that happens.

#5 Oh gosh! All the catching practice went in vain

Catches can come at any height or any angle and the fielder has to be ready at all the times to cling onto any possible opportunity. As they say β€œcatches win matches”, the batsman can make the fielding side pay heavily for the slightest of mishap in the field.

Fielding coaches make the fielders practice all sorts of catching these days that includes slip catching, close-in catching, outfield catching or even catches close to the boundary. They even place two fielders near the boundary to practice one fielder throwing the ball to the other to complete the catch while the former going past the line.

If the drop chance was difficult, the coach might appreciate the effort but if it was a dolly, he must be filled with disgust and ready to bang his head on the first wall that he sees.

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