10 reasons why the next generation of cricket will be fascinating to watch 

T10 League at Sharjah Cricket Stadium - Day Four
T10 League at Sharjah Cricket Stadium T10 League at Sharjah Cricket Stadium - Day Four
Rohit Parakh

This could be a reality which was only dreamt of! Review systems coming into place are a boon for the teams. There are likely to be many changes in the future of cricket that is going to be exciting! Changes like T10 cricket, Test championship, Virtual Reality Experience, Drone Pitch Reports, increase in the amount of sensors, artificial pitches, retractable roofs will change the game drastically.The world is subject to change. Cricket is no different. Adverse weather conditions would not stop the game?

Probably, a couple of decades back, if you had told your friends or the ardent cricket fans that players from Afghanistan, Ireland would make a significant contribution to the rise of cricket, they would have laughed it off.

However, that situation has now changed. The game is spreading to every corner in this world and more people are taking to this wonderful game.

Let's have a look at the possible changes that might take place in the future.

#1 T10 Cricket (10 overs per side)

In this world of speed, people are interested in shorter, quicker version of the game. T20 cricket fulfils people's need. But, in the future, there will be a need for T10 cricket, where both sides will have only 10 over’s to bat.

There would be a flurry of fours and sixes, which would be commercially beneficial, and would also be entertaining to the people. Sponsors would get ample amount of airtime as the cameras would be focused on them, players would earn big for a short span of time, and team owners can endorse their brands as the attention span would be high. T10 cricket would be an integral part of the future.

#2 Test Championship

The ICC World Test Championship, a league competition for Test Cricket projected to be run by the ICC has the goal of having at-least one championship for each format.

In October 2017, the ICC announced the ICC World Test Championship, which had been agreed by its members, which would involve the top nine teams playing series over two years with the top two teams qualifying for a World Test League Championship Final. The first ICC Test Cricket Championship will commence after the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

Test Cricket can be very interesting. The recently concluded test series like the Ashes, test series between England and India shows that Test cricket can be very entertaining.

#3 Sensors On The Pitch

LED Sensors to detect no-balls, wides, and boundaries can make the work easier for the umpires as it is not easy for the umpires to keep track of these things in a high-intensity game. One wrong decision could change the entire result of the game. Companies like Intel are making revolutionary sensors that could help the players and the umpires up their game.

#4 Drone-Pitch Analysis

There are drones that hover over the pitch, analyzing each blade of grass, and can tell the nature of the pitch at every spot. It can tell the spots from where it will seam or turn and spots where it won't. These drones can help the teams by identifying the nature of the pitch and help them choose the playing XI and make their strategies accordingly.

#5 Artificial Pitches

Artificial Pitches can help the curators with providing the right kind of pitch without deterioration of the Pitch. It can be synthesized to make it waterproof, so that long spells of rain will not stop the game. The home team will make the pitches suiting their game-plans. The away teams will have to do deeper thinking in making their strategies successful.

#6 Retractable Roof

How many games had to be abandoned or stopped during play due to rain or bad Light? It is very frustrating for the Players and the Fans. To avoid this, the ground can be equipped with a retractable roof, so that during adverse weather conditions, the game can still continue without any disturbances. We have already seen these retractable roofs in certain matches in the past and this will be an integral part of cricket in the future.

#7 Virtual Reality Stadium

Cameras, Cameras, Cameras! Cameras are everywhere these days and available at any required shape and size. The cameras can be set up on bats, balls, caps & hats, stumps, stands, dugouts and where not! This can be integrated with VR, which will enable the viewers can get a 360-degree virtual reality experience of the Match from the desired position on the ground. You could be Virat Kohli, chasing down a mammoth total successfully, or a fielder taking a stunning catch at the boundary ropes. You could watch the match from any view.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

#8 Health Monitors

Wearable Health Monitors in the form of wristbands could be worn by the players, which would tell the team physiotherapists the exact body condition and would tell the stress on each part of the body. If there is an excess load which can cause an injury, proper rest and workload management should be advised so that the players are always fit. This measure will help reduce the frequency of injuries by a significant rate.

#9 Stadium Viewing Experience

The stadium viewing experience would be spectacular. There could possibly be screen attached to every seat that would show the Match on the screen, so that the spectators won't miss a thing! The screens could also be equipped with the option of ordering food and beverages, and robots might deliver the food to the respective seat numbers.

Stadium seats with screens attached to them
Stadium seats with screens attached to them

#10 Bat Sensors

There are Sensors attached to the bat that can determine the bat flow, bat speed, middling accuracy, and speed off the bat. Imagine having all this data, which 10 years back, was not even dreamt of!

These metrics can help the batsmen improve their game by identifying weak spots in their games, as well as help the bowlers form strategies against specific batsmen respective to their bat-swing and bats-peed on particular balls bowled by the bowlers. The battle between the ball and the bat would be challenging.

Bat Sensor
Bat Sensor

Who knows what the future might hold? The future is exciting! Isn't it?

Edited by Aadya Sharma


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