Yuvraj Singh reveals the condition offered by BCCI for his farewell match

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh

What's the story?

Yuvraj Singh revealed that BCCI had offered him a farewell match if he fails in the Yo-Yo test but the left-hander refused to accept the offer.

In case you didn't know

The Indian superstar announced his retirement from International cricket today. The all-rounder played his last match for India vs West Indies in 2017.

The heart of the matter

For those unaware, it is mandatory for every cricketer to pass the Yo-Yo test in order to represent the Indian team. BCCI told him that if he failed the Yo-Yo test, BCCI would be happy to let him play a farewell game.

Yuvraj Singh claimed that he never asked anyone in BCCI to allow him to play a farewell match. The left-handed batsman said that he only wanted to be selected on merit rather than getting a farewell match. He revealed that he was offered a farewell match if he failed the Yo-Yo test, he passed the test and left the decision to selectors.

“I didn’t tell anyone in BCCI that I want a farewell game. If I had the potential, I would have left from the ground. I didn’t need a match. I was told that if I failed a Yo-Yo test then I can play a retirement match. I told them I don’t need the game, if I don’t pass the Yo-Yo test, I’ll go home quietly. I passed the Yo-Yo Test and rest is not my call.” said Yuvraj Singh.

The legendary cricketer also revealed his intention of playing 'fun' cricket where he won't feel the pressure of performing. Yuvraj further said that he will request BCCI to grant him permission to play to go and play T20 leagues.

“I want to go and play T20 cricket. At this age, I can play some kind of fun cricket, I want to go and enjoy my life. I don’t care about pressure and performing in big tournaments like IPL. With BCCI permission, I would love to go and play, It’s been a long and hard journey, I think I deserve that. I have had a word with BCCI and obviously, I’ll have another word after this announcement. Hopefully, it will be easy sailing for me.” Yuvraj Singh said

What's next?

It would be interesting to see what Yuvraj Singh has planned in the second innings of his life.

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