Zimbabwe hold West Indies to a tie, here is how the last over unfolded

Zimbabwe vs West Indies
Players shake hands after the match ended in a tie

In what became an absolute nail biter, Zimbabwe strangled West Indies in the final over and earned the hosts a very hard earned tied match.

West Indies needed only four runs in the final over, but Donald Tiripano held his nerve and conceded only 3 runs and sealed the tie. This was the 34th tie in 3806 One Day Internationals so far.

Here is the ball by ball account of the final over from the humdinger which unfolded at Bulawayo.

Donald Tiripano, the medium pace bowler had the ball in hand and he ran in to bowl to West Indies captain Jason Holder. Big hitting Carlos Brathwaite was at the other end. It seemed to be a lost cause, but then Tiripano had other ideas.

49.1 Tiripano to Holder, bowls a full ball wide of off stump, Holder comes forward and drives it to sweeper cover. He changes ends. All in control. No big hits needed.

49.2 Tiripano to Brathwaite, did I say no big hits needed, unfortunately for West Indies Carlos Brathwaite knows better and he went for a wild slog across the line, but Tiripano bowled a slower leg cutter which gripped on the surface and bamboozled big Carlos. The ball takes the big outside edge and goes up high in the air towards long on where Sean Williams gobbles it up. Jitters anyone!

49.3 Tiripano to Holder, West Indies seem to cursed at the moment, a sweet crunch from Holder to a pitched up ball, the ball flies to Tiripano who tries to stop it, but owing to the power, the ball bursts through, but then collects the stumps at the non-strikers end. Ashley Nurse was backing away too far and now has to walk back. Cat among the pigeons, oh most definitely!

49.4 Tiripano to Holder, another slowish length ball on middle and leg, Holder looks to swat it away, but the ball kisses the thigh pads and they cross over for a single. This has got very tight and Holder is off strike.

49.5 Tiripano to Carter, oh finally luck smiles on West Indies, Carter swings from the hip and the leg cutter almost carries to deep square leg, where the fielder runs and then dives forward but cannot quite cling on to a very tough catch. But kudos to him for not allowing the ball to sneak through and for the keeping the batsmen to only a single.

1 run, 1 ball, Holder now on strike!

49.6 Tiripano to Holder, you beauty Donald, he has nailed a wide yorker with precision and under extreme stress, Holder cannot reach it, but Carter takes off from the non-striker's end. The keeper fires in the throw and the stumps are broken. Carter is well short and Zimbabwe have escaped from jail. Tiripano us chuffed, he has been a real hero. Match ends in a tie!

Final scores: Zimbabwe 257 tied with West Indies 257

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