10 best AAA games of 2022

Top 10 AAA games of 2022 (Image via playstation.com)
Top 10 AAA games of 2022 (Image via playstation.com)

2022 has turned out to be one of the best years for AAA games. They are the ones with the highest budgets and popularity. With the recent events of The Game Awards, such titles have enjoyed a lot of spotlight as the year is coming to an end. Since AAA games have a major workforce, continual updates, and downloadable content, they have a way of capturing our attention.

Their massive world-building and outstanding visuals have created experiences that stay with us long after the game has ended and continue to captivate us. We have had a lot of exciting reveals this year, and there are even more to come in 2023.

Let’s have one last look at some of the best AAA games of 2022 that we have enjoyed so much.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinion.

God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, and 8 other AAA games players should try out

1) God of War Ragnarok


The earlier God of War games are iconic and have a lot of action and some M-rated material just for kicks. Though God of War 2018 had completely reimagined the series, it stayed in line with the earlier titles in the franchise. One such consequence is that its sequel has turned into something amazing.

Kratos viciously taking on one entity after another in mad rage is what we enjoy the most about God of War. Although Ragnarok started out with a relatively calm and mature Kratos, fans were not disappointed with the trademark bloodlust as the story unfolded.

Now a father and a far more stoic warrior, Kratos journeys through the game with his son, Atreus, by his side. Thor and other Norse entities, who had been teased in previous titles, made sure to try and wreak havoc on the father and son duo. This made God of War Ragnarok a far more action-packed and emotional experience than anticipated.

2) Dying Light 2: Stay Human


As the name would suggest, the primary objective is to stay human. Dying Light 2 builds on what the first game accomplished while also adding unique elements of its own. For instance, your character is infected and you'll turn if you stay out too long.

The decision-based game will take you on different journeys based on your choices throughout the events that unfold. It is more intense than many other titles as it provides a variety of elements to try, like advanced scavenging, stealth, carnage, hardcore parkour, etc.

The emotional weight on the character as the civilization starts to collapse around them while they look for their sibling, and hanging between life and death at the same time, are some of the alternating dynamics that has brought out the charms of Dying Light so well. Thus, it is one of the best AAA games of 2022.

3) Horizon Forbidden West


Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to the mega-hit Horizon Zero Dawn, and it puts you back in the role of Aloy. Her world is dying, and in order to save it, you travel to an entirely new region where you must discover what is necessary to build a defense.

Multiple enemies try to stop you while you lead your allies to victory. Escape mechanics make for some amazing gameplay, especially with the stylish parkour moves. Not only are they crucial to accessing various regions on the map, but they can build amazing attacks when paired with the skill tree.

Besides stunning visuals, combat mechanics are almost therapeutic on the PS5. Forbidden West expands the world and allows you to explore even further. It claimed multiple nominations at The Game Awards 2022, which marks it as one of the top 10 AAA games of the year.

4) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II


Not much changes in the Call of Duty stories apart from the stunning graphics and realistic game mechanics that get better and better every time. Though we have had Modern Warfare 2 before, the franchise is back with a remake after beefing up the visuals and features.

The campaign mode follows pretty much the same trails left behind by the previous titles and the multiplayer modes don't need any introduction.

The story follows an international task force 141 that is tasked with tracking down the Quds Force, a terrorist organization that is in possession of deadly missiles. Led by terrorist Hassan Zyani, they intend to seize control of the fear in people's hearts throughout the world.

With the much-awaited release of Modern Warfare II, Call of Duty has also claimed a spot among the top AAA games besides also being one of the top esports games of all time.

5) The Last Of Us Part I Remake


Apart from the graphical and performance updates, not much has changed in The Last Of Us Part I Remake. Joel Miller is survivor of a post pandemic world where an airborne disease keeps turning people into zombies. Society is on the brink of collapse, and he has lost his daughter, and his sanity.

From scavenging for supplies and a constant struggle to stay alive, the absolutely dangerous cities keep us on our toes throughout the game's story. Joel gets caught up in an organisation called Fireflies, which aims to search for a cure when they find a young girl Ellie who seems to be immune to the disease.

Players take on the role of Joel Miller to escort the girl across the country in the hopes of formulating a cure that could end this misery. Fast-paced actions and revamped graphics with astounding gameplay makes this one of the best AAA games of the year.

6) The Callisto Protocol


The Callisto Protocol was developed by the same group as Dead Space, a game everyone is widely familiar with. As a result, there was a lot of anticipation surrounding this title.

It is a third-person survival horror game very similar to Dead Space, set in a futuristic apocalyptic universe. You'll discover yourself in a jail that has been invaded by aliens and will have to escape while gathering supplies and taking out gruesome enemies.

The gameplay is very similar and so is the color scheme. The dark and dimmed-out screen corners are excellent for jump scares and ambushes. The aliens also resemble something out of a horror movie, making this one of the best AAA games of 2022.

7) Ghostwire: Tokyo


Ghostwire: Tokyo immerses you in a contemporary state of the city with a very supernatural touch, making it one of the most original AAA games this year.

You must join forces with a "spectral entity" to discover the truth about what is causing the residents of Tokyo to disappear, what happened to your family, and which evil force is responsible.

This game has an interesting take on the modern world and spell-casting fusion. The protagonist has to solve the mysteries set in the modern world while dealing with enemies using spells and magic. There are loads of collectibles and visually pleasing moves that you can do, which makes this a very enjoyable game to try out.

8) Gotham Knights


Gotham Knights will be your next big fix if you enjoy the Batman Arkham video games. The fight for the city's soul has started as a result of the Dark Knight being killed by the ominous Court of Owls. It's now up to his successors to avert disaster.

Gotham Knights has expanded on what the earlier Arkham games did and has taken it to a whole new level. To stop the iconic villains, you can play alone or in co-op with others as Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, or Robin.

Cool skins and collectibles are given for the Batman titles. Also, these AAA games have a tendency to tease major plot points for the next addition to the series, which is something to look forward to.

9) Bayonetta 3


This Nintendo Switch series has been around for a while like most other AAA names, and this year we got to see the third installment in it. Once again, Bayonetta is out to get her enemies.

Being a child between parents of separate clans, Bayonetta's birth broke a sacred law that led to a war between the groups. Being caught up in the middle of it all, she learned to fight and has grown into a fearsome warrior.

In Bayonetta 3, she travels across the timelines meeting her alternate selves in order to recover the Chaos Gear in order to stop the entity known as Singularity. The latter aims to create an Alphaverse by unleashing the Homunculi through the multiverse.

Various Bayonettas coming together and surprising plot points make this one of many fan-favorite AAA games to come out this year.

10) Elden Ring


Elden Ring, the most recent game by FromSoftware, is another title that has claimed the world of AAA games and is quite similar to popular names like Dark Souls.

As you search for the Elden Ring to halt a battle of higher beings, the game places you in a world that is in complete disarray. But it's up to you how to go about it because this Soulslike provides an open world where you can do things other than following the campaign.

From healing spells to mystic weapons, the game offers a wide map and selection of collectibles. You can create your own character and upgrade it as per your wishes. With its vast open-world title, this is one of many AAA games that has captured the attention of fans everywhere.