10 best vehicles in mainline Final Fantasy games

Temporary or permanent, Final Fantasy has some of the best modes of travel, but which are the best? (Image via Square Enix)
Temporary or permanent, Final Fantasy has some of the best modes of travel, but which are the best? (Image via Square Enix)

There are some truly spectacular ways to get around when it comes to vehicles in Final Fantasy. Some are only available for one or two moments in an entire game but are still memorable and deserve discussion.

Since the topic is vehicles, it isn’t just airships, though several will be making the cut. Sometimes, a party of heroes rides around on chocobos, cars, or even entire cities. That’s one of the brilliant things about Final Fantasy as a franchise. There is no defined way to get around, and they always fit the game’s setting.

Since the first Final Fantasy game, there has always been some vehicle the heroes can use to be mobile. The heroes get several temporary rides before one final, perfect vehicle in most games.

From starships to adorable birds, here are the ten best vehicles in this legendary franchise.


Criteria for best vehicles in Final Fantasy

With so many vehicles to choose from, it’s tough to pick just five or ten. There are criteria, and in this case, all these vehicles are available in the standard, the original release of these mainline games.

The criteria are simple but also complicated.

Criteria for Final Fantasy vehicles

  • Importance to the story
  • Practicality
  • Visual design

Unfortunately, since this is mainline Final Fantasy games only, the Final Fantasy XIV mounts/vehicles will not make this list. There are too many of those who will take up their own list.

Top ten Final Fantasy vehicles

  • The Airship (FFI)
  • Faris' Syldra-powered pirate ship (FFV)
  • Fahrenheit (FFX)
  • Gold Chocobo (FFVII)
  • The Lunar Whale (FFIV)
  • The Regalia/Quartz Regalia (FFXV)
  • The Rocket (FFVII)
  • Balamb Garden (FFVIII)
  • The Tantalus (FFIX)
  • The Blackjack (FFVI)

10) The Airship (FFI)


The Airship, powered by the Levistone, was the Airship of the Sky Warriors hundreds of years ago. Buried under the desert, the heroes uncover it after spending time with a pirate ship and a canoe.

It has a memorable theme to go along with and makes getting around the world easier than ever. It can only land in grassy fields, but the party encounters no combat while onboard the Airship. It’s the granddaddy of all airships in the franchise.

9) Faris’ Syldra-powered pirate ship (FFV)


Faris, one of the heroes of Final Fantasy V, saw that the Warriors of Light had a pirate ship and doubled down. Faris, leader of a band of pirates, has a boat that does not require the wind to move around. Why is that?

Because it’s powered by the mighty sea dragon, Syldra, her roar is powerful and is the first primary mode of transportation for FFV. It doesn’t last, but it is memorable. Who doesn’t want a pirate ship that also has a dragon to go with it?

8) Fahrenheit (FFX)


The Fahrenheit is teased towards the very beginning of the game and is also known as the Continental Circus. When Tidus and Rikku head down into the water, this is the massive ship they uncover.

It had a gorgeous, sleek design, and, unlike previous Final Fantasy airships, it was not directly controlled.

It was more of a warp point to the rest of the world. Many of the iconic fights in Final Fantasy X are also fought on top of Fahrenheit, such as Evrae. It’s such a cool design and deserves recognition.

7) Gold Chocobo (FFVII)


Final Fantasy VII has quite a few awesome vehicle designs, that’s true. Sorry, Highwind fans, but Gold Chocobo does what it doesn’t. In particular, it can go anywhere and do anything.

It’s tedious to acquire, but through it, the party unlocks the most powerful summon in the game: Knights of the Round! Sure, the airship’s nice, but can it get Knights of the Round? Didn’t think so.

6) The Lunar Whale (FFIV)


The Lunar Whale was another groundbreaking vehicle in the Final Fantasy franchise. It takes people to the moon! It was a massive technological marvel created by unknown forces and was pivotal to the plot in many ways.

The heroes needed passage to the moon to set things right, and it’s also how players get to The Giant of Babil encounter. Also, the Lunar Whale has a free inn and a Fat Chocobo to store excess items. It’s the Cadillac of Final Fantasy vehicles.

5) The Regalia/Quartz Regalia (FFXV)


A car? That’s right, a car. It’s even a party member, according to Hajima Tabata, Director of Final Fantasy XV. The vehicle belongs to King Regis, but his son, Noctis, uses it to get around and see the world.

A black convertible, it can autopilot the party to its desired destination, is fast and fuel-efficient, and can play classic Final Fantasy songs while driving around. It’s leisurely and enjoyable as far as rides go.

In the post-game, it can also fly! The flight isn’t quite as enjoyable, but the car is gorgeous, customizable, and useful.

4) The Rocket (FFVII)


Not all vehicles are permanent. The Rocket isn’t really party-controlled, either.

In Rocket Town, or “Shinra No. 26”, it was originally piloted by Cid Highwind. It’s also the source of a great deal of his personal turmoil, opting to help Shera and save her life. The Rocket crashed and was damaged.

Later in Final Fantasy VII, it’s used to head out into space to stop Shinra from using the Huge Materia on the Meteor. It leads to yet another tragic moment with Cid in the Rocket, but it’s imperative for storyline and character development.

No matter what, the Rocket hits the Meteor but does nothing.

3) Balamb Garden (FFVIII)


In a very real sense, this is the largest vehicle on the list. It’s also one of the most important.

One of the three Gardens in the world, it’s where members of SeeD are trained to be skilled, dangerous combatants. After the events at Fisherman’s Horizon, Balamb Garden can be a vehicle.

It’s agonizingly slow, but it’s an entire university/city in one location. It cannot go everywhere, but it’s not limited by much.

Home to much of the main cast, protagonists, and antagonists alike, Balamb Garden was unique, fascinating, and home to valuable education and combat, thanks to NORG’s attempt to take over the Garden.

2) The Tantalus/M.S. Prima Vista (FFIX)


Home to the Tantalus Theater Troupe, they’re both actors and thieves. Without The Tantalus, the events of Final Fantasy IX do not take place at all.

Often just referred to as The Tantalus, the actual ship is the M.S. Prima Vista, a luxury airship used by the Tantalus crew.

It’s also the stage of the play they perform: I Want to Be Your Canary. It is also home to Cinna’s item shop, which is useful when getting started.

While it was not the game’s focal point for long, it does come back later, thanks to Cid. The M.S. Prima Vista is the focal point of the game, which triggers all of the events that ultimately take place.

1) The Blackjack (FFVI)


When it comes to vehicles and airships in Final Fantasy as a franchise, they don’t get cooler or more valuable than The Blackjack. Setzer Gabbiani is the owner of one of the world’s only airships, and it’s also a giant floating casino.

It makes sense since Setzer’s a notorious gambler. The party desperately needed access to the southern continent to strike the Imperial Capital of Vector.

The party swindled Setzer with a two-sided coin and was so impressed that he joined the party and agreed to fight the empire. The airship’s sleek design is paired with an awesome theme (though not as great as the Falcon in World of Ruin).


This airship houses the entire party, allows players to unequip unused party members, and has a free healing station and a shop. It’s useful for so many things.

When the party is grinding in various places, it makes sure the heroes are ready for anything that awaits them. It’s a fantastic floating casino that also doubles as a mobile headquarters.

Final Fantasy has so many amazing vehicles that it’s not up for debate. Whether riding a Chocobo, a variety of airships, or fire-powered boats, there are many ways to travel. This is just one writer’s thoughts on the best vehicles in the franchise and, of course, will vary from reader to reader.

Note: This list reflects the author’s opinions.

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