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100 Thieves 'BrookeAB' - Yet another female Twitch streamer falls victim to online stalking  

Image Credits: 100 Thieves/ Twitter
Image Credits: 100 Thieves/ Twitter
Modified 19 Oct 2020, 20:52 IST

Recently, a popular Twitch streamer for 100 Thieves, BrookeAB shared her harrowing ordeal, where she revealed that she was being targeted by online abusers and stalkers.

In today's era of streaming, we have often come across several instances where eminent female Twitch streamers have been subject to harrowing stalking experiences online. From the likes of Pokimane to Sweet Anita, the menace of stalking has become a worrisome trend, which some of the most popular streamers have unfortunately been subject to.

Fame often functions as a double-edged sword, as the life of a streamer is often subject to intense scrutiny and while it helps them connect with millions of fans across the globe, in some unfortunate situations, it also ends up exposing them to all the wrong kinds of attention.

This is exactly what happened with popular streamer BrookeAB, when she recently took to Twitter, to share her stalking experience, in a detailed Twitlonger post:

However, in a monumental move, BrookeAB also revealed that she would not let her experience bring her down, as she plans to join forces with a network of female streamers, in an attempt to once and for all vanquish the menace of online stalking.

The female Twitch streamer vs Stalker conundrum


Brookeab is a popular Twitch streamer and content creator for esports and lifestyle organisation, 100 Thieves.

She has more than 800K followers on Twitch and is a popular name in the 100 T circuit.

She recently opened up in detail, about how the past six months have been 'an emotional nightmare' for her and her family, as she had to endure an unfortunate stalking experience.

"Like countless women in gaming and frankly, too many people around the world, for the last year, I have been targeted by a handful of online stalkers and abusers that did, and continue to do, everything in their power to hurt me and those who support me with threats of murder, arson, bodily harm, job loss, and the most horrific threats you can imagine. "
"These threats are constant and directed at me, my family, infant relatives, and total strangers that aren’t even remotely connected to me. From doxxing my family and relatives to wishing death upon those I love, these threats and attacks are constant and beyond damaging for everyone involved. "

She also states that the situation became so bad, that she had to work together with the FBI and law enforcement teams, to emerge unscathed from the horrific mire.

"Nobody deserves this and I’m here to share that with the help of the finest experts and law enforcement specialists in the world, several of the most vile offenders have been identified, interviewed, are being closely monitored (as you read this), and will be held accountable. "

She also goes on to reveal her plans of effectively ending the plague of online stalking, which she hopes to achieve by bringing together female streamers, who can work together and send a message of hope and unity:

" I am joining forces with a handful of female streamers and law enforcement/security experts to put an end to this level of abuse and change the gaming culture forever. Individually, we feel violated, attacked, and helpless; however, collectively, we can fight for each other and protect those being bullied, threatened, stalked, and marginalized by cowards hiding behind a thin veil of anonymity. "
"I will be officially announcing the program in the near future and couldn’t be more excited to help everyone get access to resources and empower all streamers and everyone, with the information necessary to help identify these individuals and hold them criminally and civilly accountable."

Brookeab went on to thank her fans, family and law enforcement teams who supported her throughout and appeared confident that together with the help of the Twitch streaming community, she will be able to hold such kind of abusers civilly and criminally accountable for their deplorable actions.

Having said that, kudos to BrookeAB, who seems to be setting the right precedent in taking the fight to such kind of despicable harassers online and one can only hope that her program turns out to be a major success, in ending the scourge of stalking.

Published 19 Oct 2020, 20:44 IST
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