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Fortnite Leak: 200 Player Lobby in the works?

Modified 20 Jan 2020, 16:43 IST


Picture Courtesy:- Codelife YouTube
Picture Courtesy:- Codelife YouTubeSnippet from Tfue's Stream showing the discord message Picture Courtesy:- Tfue's DiscordSnippet from stream

Tfue is an American Twitch Streamer and a professional Fortnite player, an ex member of the FaZe clan, with over 11.5 million YouTube subscribers, and over 1.1 billion views on YouTube as of now.

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200 Player Fortnite Lobby

In a recent stream by Tfue, a 200 player battle royale was leaked. In the starting 5 seconds of the stream, we could see Tfue’s discord open and people spotted at a link for a form which was forwarded to him by another competitive Fortnite player Scoped, who received the message by the staff of Fortnite

Snippet from Tfue

This is a snippet of the message -

Picture Courtesy:- Tfue Discord

From the message we can make out that Epic Games wanted only elite Fortnite players/streamers to do a competitive test for the 200 player battle royale. The funny thing about the leak was that random Tfue viewers applied the form while it was only available for top tier Fortnite players, this resulted into epic games shortly closing the link after it was leaked on Tfue’s stream.

       The picture suggests that the 200 player stream will be tried out by different competitive Fortnite player/streamers on a separate build server that would be by epic games itself. This was one of the biggest leaks accidentally made by Tfue.


Also on reddit the moderator of Fornite competitive told people not to submit the response on the form. Fortnite competitive is a developer supported, community-run subreddit dedicated to Fortnite Battle Royale.

There are few other possibilities too. There could be 2x100 player elite player lobbies to test new functions related to the game as suggested to some players on reddit. 

 Also this leak was noticed by codelife on YouTube, you can check the video below:-

Published 17 Jan 2020, 19:10 IST
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