2K Games reveals future of WWE 2K series, announces Battlegrounds

WWE 2K Battlegrounds
WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Just a few days ago, 2K Games and WWE announced that their annual game series - you know, the WWE 2K games - was going to take a break this year. Basically, there's not going to be a WWE 2K21 this year. However, when rumors of this happening began to circulate, there was also word that 2K was planning on releasing a different game featuring WWE Superstars as sort of a - in their words - 'palette cleanser'.

Today, 2K sent out an open letter addressing the future of the series, as well as introducing this year's replacement. Also, it looks like I was right.

First, let's start with the future of the main franchise. In the letter, the 2K team revealed:

"[H]ere’s what we’re going to do: we are applying what we’ve learned to the next WWE 2K simulation game with a renewed focus on quality and fun. As part of that commitment, we are extending the production timeline and will not be releasing a WWE 2K simulation game in 2020. We want to ensure the development team at Visual Concepts can create a great game that will entertain grizzled WWE 2K veterans, as well as newcomers..."

Part of that renewed focus includes bringing on a new Executive Producer, Patrick Gilmore, who has experience in the industry stretching back as far as the 16-bit Alladin games. He most recently worked on Amazon Games' upcoming New World.

Fortunately, that doesn't mean we're not getting a WWE video game at all this year. 2K Games also announced a new, arcade-style fighter titled WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The teaser video below, featuring John Cena and The Rock, will give you a good idea of what we mean:


Similar to 2011's WWE All Stars, Battlegrounds will feature "over-the-top" wrestler designs and moves. You know, like Becky Lynch's arms catching on fire. The game is being developed by Saber Interactive, the studio behind the NBA Playgrounds title, possibly indicating that this new game will play similar to that title. 2K has stated that the game will focus on "social pick-up-and-play fun."

2K Battlegrounds is slated for released this fall, though which platforms it will appear on have yet to be announced.

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