3 best Free Fire pets to pair with Chrono after the OB27 update

Pets can offer a tremendous boost to Chrono
Pets can offer a tremendous boost to Chrono's ability
Modified 19 Apr 2021

Garena Free Fire has a litany of characters and pets with exclusive skills that can be used to improve the player's gameplay.

Chrono is one of the game's most powerful characters, possessing an active skill. He is one of the most popular characters, with some potent skills to use on the battlefield. However, after the OB27 update, he has been nerfed.

Some pets, however, can improve or strengthen Chrono's abilities. This article lists down the best pets in Free Fire to help him use his ability in the best possible way after the OB27 update.

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The best Free Fire pets to pair with Chrono after the OB27 update

#1 - Rockie

Rockie is an excellent companion for Chrono. Its skill is called Stay Chill, and it will reduce the cooldown time of Chrono's enabled active ability by 6% at its default level. Thus, it improves the nerfed ability of Chrono and makes him regain his original skill from before the update.

When maxed out to pet level 7, Rockie will reduce the active capacity cooldown period by 15%. As a result, Chrono can use his powers more often instead of being hampered by the huge CD period.

#2 - Detective Panda

When players eliminate an enemy, Detective Panda restores 4 HP. When this pet gets maximized to its full capacity (pet level 3), users can earn 10 HP with each kill. This skill is known as Panda's Blessings.

It is fantastic since it works perfectly with Chrono's ability to protect against enemy damage and recover HP with each kill.

#3 - Poring

Poring in Free Fire
Poring in Free Fire

Poring has a unique as well as a helpful talent known as Stitch and Patch. It adds one helmet and vest protection every three seconds, stopping level 1 armor and helmets from being damaged, thereby providing additional armor longevity.

This pet's skill enhances one helmet and shield endurance per second as it evolves to higher skill levels. It also prohibits the destruction of category three armor and helmets.

Disclaimer: Choosing a pet to pair with a Free Fire character ultimately depends on the player's playing style and priorities. This list only reflects the author's opinion about the generalized way of choosing the best pets.

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Published 19 Apr 2021
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