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3 best pets to pair with DJ Alok in Free Fire's ranked mode

Listing the best pets that enhances DJ Alok
Listing the best pets that enhances DJ Alok's ability in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Modified 16 Mar 2021

Garena Free Fire is a title that is most popular because of its diverse range of characters and pets.

The most desirable and popular character in Free Fire is DJ Alok, and players often like to equip him in ranked mode matches. This match type in Free Fire is one of the best game modes that offer rank tiers according to a player's credibility.

However, not only the character, but pets also play a vital role in determining the gameplay of the gamer.

This article lists some of the best pets for pairing with DJ Alok, enhancing his ability in ranked mode matches.

Three best pets to pair with DJ Alok in Free Fire's ranked mode

#1 - Rockie

Rockie is an excellent pet for players who own characters with active abilities. In this case, it is a perfect choice for DJ Alok. Its ability is called Stay Chill, which can reduce the cooldown time of the equipped active skill of DJ Alok by 6 percent at its default level.

Once maximized to pet level 7, it can decrease the active ability cooldown time by 15 percent. Hence, it enables DJ Alok to use his abilities more frequently with a lot lesser cooldown period.


#2 - Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor in Free Fire
Mr. Waggor in Free Fire

Mr. Waggor 's ability is called Smooth Gloo that is beneficial for the ranked mode. It can create a gloo wall grenade at its primary level every 2 minutes in case players don't have gloo wall grenades.

At its maximum to skill level 3, Mr. Waggor can conjure up a gloo wall grenade if gamers have less than two gloo wall grenades.

#3 - Detective Panda

Detective Panda has a fantastic and potent ability called Panda's Blessings.


It replenishes 4 HP once the player kills an opponent. When Detective Panda is maximized to its highest potential (pet level 3), 10 HP will be gained every time users get a kill.

This ability is great as DJ Alok's HP recovery will get boosted by Panda's instant HP restoring power upon each kill.

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Disclaimer: Choosing a pet to pair with a character ultimately depends on the player's playing style and priority. This list only reflects the author's opinion about the generalized way of choosing the best pets.

Published 16 Mar 2021, 13:35 IST
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