3 best Roblox games like Rust

Image via Roblox Corporation
Image via Roblox Corporation

Rust is a popular survival game that has seen several homages created on the Roblox platform.

The goal of Rust players is to survive. Players must keep themselves fed, avoid danger from animals and other players, and gather materials to stay alive through negotiations or violence.


A handful of games like this have popped up on Roblox since Rust moved into the spotlight. Roblox is a great platform for developers to make copies of their favorite genres and games, Rust included.

Some other games in Roblox that are like Rust

3) Survival: Evolved

Image via Roblox Corporation
Image via Roblox Corporation

Survival: Evolved has some elements from both Rust and ARK. Roblox players are placed on the map with one objective - to survive. Collecting resources and building a sturdy base will make that possible.

Players can start tribes with their friends and explore the map. Be careful of players who don't want to be friendly, though, and watch out for the massive dinosaurs looking for something to eat.

2) Survival Island

Image via Roblox Corporation
Image via Roblox Corporation

Survival Island has a ton of features that cause chaos for Roblox players trying to stay alive. There are disasters such as storms and the possibility of the dead rising. Surprises, good and bad, are found around every corner.

Food and water are the first steps to surviving in this Roblox game. Players need to search for resources, find a haven, and keep themselves from succumbing to the elements of Survival Island.

1) Natural Disaster Survival

Image via Roblox Corporation
Image via Roblox Corporation

Natural Disaster Survival is an extreme survival game on the Roblox platform. Natural disasters strike constantly, and players must work as a team to stay alive for as long as possible. From fires to tsunamis, unexpected disasters happen every round.

While there aren't many building and resource gathering mechanics like in Rust, there is no greater survival game in Roblox than this one. Surviving round after round of natural disasters will put friendships and sanity to the test. Working together isn't just part of the game. It is vital.

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