3 best weapons for Kazuha in Genshin Impact

Kazuha unsheathing his blade (Image via Genshin Report)
Kazuha unsheathing his blade (Image via Genshin Report)

Kazuha is finally releasing in Genshin Impact. He hasn't arrived in all the servers yet, but players can get early build ideas and weapon plans from testers in other regions. Kazuha can use a multitude of weapons, but his best choices are ones that buff his Elemental Mastery and support potential. Luckily, Kazuha has some perfect weapons already in Genshin Impact, giving players some easy options to build this new Anemo swordsman.

Best weapons for Kazuha in Genshin Impact

Kazuha has several weapons that he can use as a Sword wielder, but some swords don't benefit his unique kit and Swirl abilities. Players will want to use weapons that provide him with boosts to Elemental damage and Elemental Mastery. Players can easily get one of Kazuha's best swords for support, while his best in-slot signature sword is locked behind the newest weapon banner. Players can get a look at Kazuha's 3 best swords below.

1) Freedom-Sworn

The Freedom-Sworn benefits Kazuha in almost every aspect, increasing his Elemental Mastery greatly and buffing his team's Normal, Charged and Plunging Attacks. This is especially useful for Kazuha as the second part of his Elemental Skill counts as Plunging Attack damage. If Genshin Impact players are able to get their hands on this weapon, they have the perfect tool.

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2) Iron Sting

The Iron Sting is a more reasonable weapon for most Genshin Impact players, and luckily it is an easily craftable 4-star weapon. This weapon provides some great bonuses for Kazuha, increasing Elemental Mastery by 165 at level 90 and increasing DMG by 6% whenever Kazuha deals Elemental DMG. Players can fully stack this weapon with just one use of Kazuha's Elemental Skill, making it a great and easy to use weapon. Players will only need a Northlander Sword Billet and the requisite Crystal and White Iron materials to pick up this useful sword.

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3) Black Sword

The Black Sword is an overall useful weapon for most Genshin Impact sword characters, as it simply boosts Normal Attack damage and grants a hefty chunk of Crit rate. Players can use this on almost any character, but Kazuha benefits mostly from the Crit rate, making it much easier for players to spec into Elemental Mastery. Players only have access to this sword by purchasing the battle pass however, making it out of reach for some.

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Kazuha has a good selection of swords he can use, making him a character that is easy to build for most players. Players should give Kazuha a try when he releases later today.

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