Natlan in Genshin Impact: Everything known about the Pyro nation so far 

Iansan, a character from Natlan (Image via Genshin Impact)
Iansan, a character from Natlan (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact has a lot of new and upcoming content in the future, including several new regions all with their own unique styles, lore, and characters. One of these upcoming regions is Natlan, the land of Pyro. This region was revealed in the Genshin Impact Storyline preview and while not much is currently known about it, it seems to be a place full of powerful fighters and constant battle. Players will definitely face some tough challenges when they enter Natlan in the future of Genshin Impact, and they can learn everything there is to know about this region here.

Genshin Impact: Details on Natlan so far


Genshin Impact has a huge world to explore and many regions to travel through and Natlan, the land of Pyro is definitely one of the most interesting. This land has been populated by the Muratans, a tribe of powerful warriors descended from Murata, and is torn by battle and ritualistic fights. Players will explore this region in the future of Genshin Impact's story and meet characters like Iansan who have shown up in Genshin Impact's storyline preview.

This character has an unknown element but seems to be of small stature and is geared up for a battle, taking a fighting position in the trailer. Her attire is unique and fits the possibility of Natlan having an indigenous American theme. From what players know currently, her name is Iansan, though more details about this character are currently obscured. For those who are eager to know more, they'll just have to wait until Natlan's complete story is revealed. Players will most likely meet this character once Natlan is released as she will probably be an important part of the storyline.

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Natlan's possible storyline:

Genshin Impact's regions are usually shaped by their Archons, the Gods who control an element and represent an aspect. Natlan is ruled by Murata, the God of War. Murata holds martial arts tournaments and battles and the population of Natlan has grown to value battle and fights over anything else. Dansleif references this in his description of Natlan, expressing how the victors burn bright while the losers fade to ashes.

Act V of Genshin Impact, the Natlan chapter (Image via Genshin Impact)
Act V of Genshin Impact, the Natlan chapter (Image via Genshin Impact)

Players might be placed into a fighting tournament of some kind, or they may need to battle their way out of a gauntlet once they enter this new region. Players will probably learn more about the region as it gets closer, but for now there is plenty of existing content before Natlan arrives.

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Players have a long way to go before they can reach Natlan, but with so much Genshin Impact content on the horizon, there will definitely be enough to keep them occupied until then.

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