3 reasons why players should pick Skyler in Free Fire's ranked mode

Skyler was finally made available to the global userbase today (Image via Sportskeeda)
Skyler was finally made available to the global userbase today (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire offers various unique aspects that enhance the overall user experience and differentiate it from the other titles of the Battle Royale genre. Over the years, characters have become one of the most crucial parts of the game.

The developers of the title have collaborated with numerous celebrities, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Joe Taslim, and DJ Alok. As a part of these partnerships, characters based on these personalities were added into the game.

The Top Up event in the game
The Top Up event in the game

There are 37 characters in Garena Free Fire, with the latest introductions being Skyler and Shirou with the OB26 update. Each one, excluding Primis and Nulla, boasts a unique ability.

Skyler was made available to players worldwide today via the Top Up event, and players can procure him by purchasing 200 diamonds.

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Three reasons for picking Skyler in Free Fire's ranked mode

#1 - Incredible ability

Skyler's ability in Free Fire
Skyler's ability in Free Fire

Skyler has an incredible active ability named 'Riptide Rhythm.' It unleashes a sonic wave dealing damage to five gloo walls within a radius of 50 meters.

Each gloo wall deployed will also increase the HP recovery of the players, starting from four points. It has a cooldown of 60 seconds, and the recovery effects do not stack.

With the increase in the level of the character, the ability enhances. At the maximum level, the radius increases to 100 meters. The HP recovery also goes up to 9 points, and the cooldown duration reduces to 40 seconds.

#2 - Aggressive gameplay

Image via Srikanta / YouTube
Image via Srikanta / YouTube

In the final circle of a battle royale game, Skyler can help players rush onto foes. His ability can aid them destroy the cover (gloo walls) of opponents, providing them with an opportunity to eliminate them.

Apart from this, the add-on advantage of healing can also come into the clutch and help them during fights.

#3 - Character combinations


In Garena Free Fire, players are provided with an opportunity to combine the abilities/skills of the characters. Skyler's ability can blend well with several other characters.

Hence, players can create character combinations with Skyler depending on their playing style. They can choose Jota, Jai, and Moco if they prefer playing aggressively.

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