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3 reasons why Skyler is better than Jai in Free Fire

Two of the more potent Free Fire characters (Image via Sportskeeda)
Two of the more potent Free Fire characters (Image via Sportskeeda)
Modified 02 Apr 2021

Garena Free Fire has achieved noteworthy feats and won several awards and titles for its accomplishments. Much of its success is partially owed to the characters in the game.

Characters play a significant role in improving the gameplay mechanism of Free Fire. They boost the playing style of gamers and help them on the battleground.

Skyler and Jai are two of the most popular and potent characters in the game, but the former's active abilities overpower Jai's passive skill in most fan's eyes. Though the latter is an excellent character for the Clash Squad mode, Skyler should easily be able to defeat him.

This article lists down the best explanations for the same.

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What are the reasons for Skyler being better than Jai in Free Fire?

#1 - Skyler's defensive abilities

Skyler in Free Fire
Skyler in Free Fire

Skyler has a fantastic ability called Riptide Rhythm, which offers him great skills. He can deploy gloo walls which provide an extra 4 HP at its default level. This serves both the purpose of defending Skyler as well as giving him an HP boost.


Certainly, Jai lacks these capabilities, and he can neither defend nor restore HP with his passive ability, Raging Reload. He can only reload gun magazines automatically at a swift rate.

#2 - Skyler's gloo wall breaking ability

Skyler also has a very aggressive skill that allows him and the players to explore rush gaming. He can destroy five gloo walls at once within a fifty-meter range with a sonic wave. By using this skill, Skyler can catch enemies off guard and ambush them.

Jai also has an aggressive style ability where players can fire continuously without wasting time on reloading magazines. However, this ability falls short when compared to Skyler's effectiveness of destroying gloo walls.

#3 - Versatility on the ground


It is pretty evident that as Skyler's active ability is more versatile than Jai's. The latter only offers a single passive skill set which requires no cooldown.

Skyler provides gloo wall breaking, defending, and HP restoring, whereas Jai only offers speedy gun reloading capabilities. So in terms of versatility, Skyler again gets the upper hand.

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Disclaimer: This article solely reflects the writer's opinion.

Published 02 Apr 2021, 13:13 IST
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