3 streamers who were seemingly flirting on live stream

3 streamers who were seemingly flirting on live stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
3 streamers who were seemingly flirting on live stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Twitch streamers spend a lot of time livestreaming on the platform, with the top ones spending anywhere between five to eight hours a day entertaining their audience.

During such long streams, they spend a lot of time talking to their viewers and even fellow gamers. At times, many streamers have been caught saying questionable things on stream that have gotten them suspended or even banned.

This article takes a look at streamers who got caught (but not banned) flirting with other streamers or even fans while livestreaming to thousands of people.

3 Streamers who have been caught seemingly flirting while livestreaming

1) Tfue


Turner "Tfue" is a 24 year old American streamer who made a name while playing for major eSports organizations like FaZe Clan. He gained his popularity by streaming Fortnite on Twitch.

Back in 2018, Tfue streamed Fortnite with Corinna Kopf, who is an internet celebrity herself. She made quite a few appearances on YouTuber David Dobrik's vlogs, which was how people started noticing her. During one of his Fortnite streams, Tfue teamed up with Corinna and the streamer's viewers got to see him flirt with her.

Corinna tried to make Tfue stand up and jump multiple times. She also made some suggestive comments and questionable noises ironically, which made the situation even more hilarious.

2) Pokimane


Imane "Pokimane" is next on the list. Pokimane and Ali "Myth" used to stream Fortnite and League of Legends together quite a bit. The two collaborated on many videos together, and had a friendly online relationship that all their fans adored.

During their time streaming together, the pair made cute remarks about each other. Many fans jumped on board these interactions between Poki and Myth. She even asked him about his date when he mentioned he was going to a coffee shop later once he finished streaming. This wasn't an isolated incident as the two often flirted with each other while talking on stream.

3) Symfuhny


Mason "Symfuhny" found his dream girl thanks to Twitch. He found his current partner Brooke "BrookeAb" on Twitch after they played Fortnite together quite a bit.

It was evident to everyone watching the two that they liked each other and liked playing with each other. The two Fortnite gamers didn't hold it back either as they awkwardly flirted with each other over many streams. The time they spent together calling each other cute and other names worked out as they are now officially a couple.

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