Twitch streamer BloodReaperGamin exposed for lying about giveaway, uses money on Xbox instead

Twitch streamer BloodReaperGamin exposed for lying about giveaway (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch streamer BloodReaperGamin exposed for lying about giveaway (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer BloodReaperGamin was exposed by a fellow streamer called Vegas4987, who claimed that the former was lying about a giveaway held within their streamer group called "The Collective."

The Collective is a streamer group built with the focus of creating a support system between its creators, requiring a certain amount of time that must be streamed to be a member of the group.

Vegas was apparently a part of the group and claimed to have won a giveaway hosted by one of the largest members of The Collective, BloodReaperGamin, but claims that instead of sending him his prize, the streamer told him that he didn't have the funds to purchase the promised product.

However, BloodReaperGamin announced that he purchased a brand new Xbox for his wife, which meant he was lying about not having the funds for the giveaway.

Vegas posted a tweet with a video compiling everything he could find that could help showcase the situation he was dealing with, using screenshots of conversations in Discord that completely exposed this streamer for lying about the giveaway.

Streamer BloodReaperGamin exposed for lying about giveaway

At the beginning of the video, a clip of BloodReaperGamin announcing the giveaway plays, where he is saying he will be giving away an Elgato Stream Deck, a handy tool that many streamers use for their setups.

He even clarifies that it is a full-sized one, and not its smaller counterpart. It then shows a message in BloodReaperGamin's Discord server that announces the giveaway, which also states the prize is a Stream Deck.

However, the next clip shows the streamer responding to a message from Vegas, asking if the prize is still a Stream Deck as promised. The streamer responds in a mocking way, asking if he's crazy for thinking that.

"A Stream Deck, for recruiting people? Are you crazy?"

This prompted Vegas to privately message him with proof that he claimed the prize would be a Stream Deck, to which the streamer responded by saying that he can't afford to buy the prize at the moment.

"Yeah, unfortunately dude, I had a lot of issues towards the end of the month with (my daughter), I didn't stream for like, 5 days. I just can't afford it dude, I'm sorry missing days cripples me but I couldn't forsee all the trouble I was going to have with my daughter."

While this could have been a very understandable response that could have been accepted, what came next in the video negated his excuse for not having enough money and further exposed him.

The next message that's shown is a public announcement made by the streamer on his Discord server, announcing that he had just bought his wife a new Xbox so they could play games together.

"So we've decided with the money I managed to raise on my birthday, plus the money we've been saving up for series X, we are going to go and buy Mrs. Blood (his wife) a series S (Xbox series S) so we can finally play together now."

With that last message, people on Twitter who saw the video gave their reactions of frustration and anger, with some sharing that they have been apart of a similar experience with the streamer.

Some also shared their grievances with The Collective, saying that it was essentially a big pyramid scheme, with one person making a full video attempting to expose the group for their shady practices.

With such a seemingly well-known issue being exposed by Vegas and others who have dealt with The Collective and its members, it seems like it was only a matter of time before the internet chimed in on the controversy.