Top 5 Twitch streamers who ruined their careers in seconds

Twitch streamers who ruined their career in seconds (Images via Sportskeeda)
Twitch streamers who ruined their career in seconds (Images via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamers are often seen making a statement or taking certain actions that lead to them getting a lot of backlash. It is extremely important for them to stay alert and not make some sort of career-ending mistake.

However, some Twitch streamers were seen making controversial statements or taking certain actions on stream, which ruined their careers in a matter of seconds.

Top 5 Twitch streamers like PhantomL0rd and BadBunny who ruined their career in seconds

5) PhantomL0rd


James "PhantomL0rd" was one of the first Twitch streamers to rise to popularity. Known for his League of Legends gameplay, PhantomL0rd soon transistioned his content from the ever-popular MOBA to Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

After switching to the first-person-shooter (FPS), PhantomL0rd started promoting gambling skins in CSGO without disclosing his co-ownership to his viewers. Soon, he was notified that he had violated Twitch's terms of service regarding this subject matter and the streamer went on to sue the platform.

Since then, the streamer has lost all of his viewership on the platform as he was banned indefinitely.

4) LegendaryLea


Chance "Sodapoppin's" ex-girlfriend, LegendaryLea or Lea, is known for having a very robust personality and is often seen making a ton of controversial statements. One such incident occurred when the streamer was asking her viewers to donate to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

The streamer's statement on the lines of how children with cancer are meant to die received a lot of traction and viewers went berserk against her. Her streaming career almost came to a halt after she was banned on the platform for some suggestive actions on stream.

3) BadBunny


Nicole "BadBunny" was a Twitch streamer who was labeled as "The greediest streamer on Twitch." The 'Just Chatting' streamer was seen asking for subscribtions from her viewers and went on to berate them for not subscribing to her channel.

BadBunny tried to make her audience in the Twitch chat feel guilty by saying:

"$5 a month! How do you have hours of time to watch this but not $5? I dont know what are you doing with your life, when you have hours of time to watch Twitch. And not $5 to provide for the content that you watch."

Charlie "MoistCr1TiKaL" made a seven-minute-long video discussing this streamer and her actions, which was seen by more than 11 million viewers. This resulted in the streamer's online career getting ruined forever.

2) Dellor


Matt "Dellor" was a professional Overwatch player who also played other FPS games like Apex Legends. Dellor was seen having a massive rage-induced breakdown back in 2019 when he played Apex Legends.

After smashing his keyboard on his head, Twitch staff issued an indefinite suspension on the grounds of inflicting self harm. The streamer tried to justify his immature rage towards the game by saying that he bought this brand of keyboard due to quality and the ease of breaking it.

Not only this, but his professional esports team Toronto Esports dropped the player as he was seen being racist in-game.

1) ZillionOP


ZillionOP is a former Twitch streamer and was one of the most well-known figures in the community revolving around the massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game - World of Warcraft.

Regarded as one of the biggest fraudulant streamers on the platform, Angel "ZillionOP" showed himself to be a disabled person. During one of his livestreams, ZillionOP miraculously stood right up from his wheelchair.

The minute-long clip exposing ZillionOP instantly went viral after which the streamer was banned from Twitch. To this day, Zillion has faced criticism and backlash for his fraudulent actions.