“For Twitter beef clout”: Pokimane on her conversation with Mizkif amid OTV vs OTK Game Night drama

Pokimane discusses her recent conversation with Mizkif (Images via Pokimanelol and Mizkif/Twitter)
Pokimane discusses her recent conversation with Mizkif (Images via Pokimanelol and Mizkif/Twitter)

Imane “Pokimane'' was recently seen talking about the upcoming OfflineTV’s (OTV) first variety Game Night, which will be livestreamed on March 9, 2022. One True King’s (OTK) co-founder, Matthew “Mizkif,” was seen actively participating in the reply section of the thread where he questioned the show’s pretense.

During her latest stream, Pokimane spoke about the subject and told her fans and viewers about her conversation with the OTK co-founder. She explained both sides of the story and hilariously mentioned why Mizkif went on to pressure OTV management by saying:

“I'm like, why are you pressing us like this on Twitter? For Twitter beef clout. Got it, got it, got it, got it.”

Pokimane discusses her recent conversation with Mizkif regarding a tweet


As a pure coincidence, OfflineTV’s variety game night is being hosted on the same day as One True King’s game night. Poki’s Twitch chat viewers expressed their disappreciation regarding the clash of the highly anticipated events.

When one viewer mentioned how both the events are going to air at the same time, Pokimane replied to the fans’ question by saying:

“OTV game night on same night as OTK. Lowkey this is really funny. I dont know if you guys saw, let me see if I can pull it up somehow.”

The Moroccan-Canadian streamer took to Twitter to share the announcement posted on the organization’s official Twitter handle. As he showcased the interaction between OfflineTV and Mizkif, she continued to talk about the situation by saying:

“So yesterday, we posted um, that our first variety game night is going to be today at 6:30 PST, but Mizkif was like question mark, question mark, question mark, question mark.”

She continued:

“And we have an OfflineTV chat and we’re like, why is Miz question marking us? And then we put two and two together and we realise that they also have a game night on Wednesday.”

She started to laugh at the situation and said that the streamer organization had no idea about OTK’s plans to host a game night. The Twitch star mentioned how her conversation with Mizkif went:

“And then I messaged Miz and I was like what’s up? We had no idea when our manager scheduled it and he was like, oh i dont give a f**k. I just like to s**tpost on Twitter. And I was like, of course, you dont care at all.”

She hilariously imitated how Mizkif spoke in his signature goofy way, making plans to hang out when he visits Los Angeles. She soon concluded her discussion by mentioning:

“But anyways, we had no idea we’ll probably obviously try not to do it at the same time as other things in the future but also, I didnt see the OTK tweet.”

Fans react to Mizkif’s conversation on the OTV’s Game Night announcement Tweet

The announcement regarding Game Night hosted by OTV gained a lot of traction. Fans and audiences compared the graphics to the OTK’s announcement and complained about how OfflineTV copied One True King's content idea.

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