Artesian Builds' CEO receives backlash for refusing giveaway winner for their follower count

Artesian Builds' CEO mocked a giveaway winner on a livestream, which led to backlash on social media (Image via Sportskeeda)
Artesian Builds' CEO mocked a giveaway winner on a livestream, which led to backlash on social media (Image via Sportskeeda)

A tweet of Artesian Builds’ CEO mocking a winner of a giveaway for their low number of followers has gone viral across social media. The CEO mocked and made fun of quite a few of the entries, which saw immediate backlash.

The company sponsors several large names in the streaming world, from Nickmercs, Mizkif, Sodapoppin, and the OTK orginzation. However, many have lost faith in the company overnight.

If you haven't heard @ArtesianBuilds do not care about their small streamer ambassadors. They have monthly PC giveaways for their ambassadors, great, right? Expect they don't care for small streamers. I got chosen and they changed their rules last minute (cont.)

A clip of Artesian Builds’ CEO mocking a giveaway winner goes viral

Twitch streamer Kiapiaa won the latest Artesian Builds PC giveaway for the month, but according to the streamer, the rules suddenly changed, and she wasn’t eligible to win. According to the CEO of the company, her follower count was under the threshold.

According to the streamer, she won fair and square, as the rules required the entrant to be an affiliate and have the Artesian panel in the Twitch 'About' section of the streamer. The CEO continued to belittle the streamer’s numbers, which she showed across several tweeted clips.

You hear this mans voice? He's belittling me. It's slander and defamation of my stream and me as a person. I won that PC fair and square. The rules say that you need the Artesian panel in your twitch About, and I do have it. So what's the issue @ArtesianBuilds? (cont.)
The reason.. LIKE WHAT? Sorry not everyone has money for a PC. ITS EXPENSIVE! So condescending. @ArtesianBuilds do better. I earned that PC. This makes me feel like I'm not a good streamer. (cont.)

Artesian Builds’ Noah K. belittled the girl who won, saying that she didn’t have a single click on her affiliate box on Twitch. This led to a significant amount of backlash on social media.

The internet responds to Artesian Builds’ mockery of Twitch streamer

One Redditor thought this was an incredibly smart way to kill brand integrity if the company had any to begin with, while other thought it was a very scummy way to treat the people that are affiliates of the company.

Another user thought the company should just say what they really mean - that they wanted free advertising. They also pointed out that the follower count shouldn’t matter, and the company should honor their giveaway.

Another user didn’t think business was going so well for the company if they were worried about getting returns off of free giveaways that were open to a majority of people.

Artesian Builds’ CEO was also called out on Twitter for his behavior by several people. If the rules didn’t state an entrant had to have clicks on their affiliate link, it should not have been an issue.

@kiapiaa_ @ArtesianBuilds Wait a minute did he say "this giveaway is for embassydors and you've got to be" while your one already?If there are 0 clicks on your referal link to Artesian it's not your fault. Put all variables into place and see if it's that easy to have someone actually buying from them

Other users felt terrible for the Twitch streamer, who was openly mocked and humiliated on a live stream where they were supposed to be a big winner.

@kiapiaa_ @ArtesianBuilds This whole thread is so humiliating, I'd be feeling so downtrodden and scrutinised! This isn't on, if you fit all the criteria for the giveaway, which it sounds like you did, then that should be it. But regardless, this is so publicly unprofessional!
@kiapiaa_ @ArtesianBuilds Wow that's absolutely unprofessional and unacceptable behavior.
@kiapiaa_ @ArtesianBuilds that is so disgusting, condescending, and disrespectful it’s honestly hard to watch. i’m sorry this happened

Some Twitter users called out the scummy behavior as well, saying they don’t care about decency if this is how they handle giveaways.

@kiapiaa_ @ArtesianBuilds @ArtesianBuilds clearly only care about the cash rather than decency or fairness.
@kiapiaa_ @ArtesianBuilds This is actually crazy cause if you were within the community at a certain time, you and 2hands were pushing people to buy from Artesian like crazy. Literally from spamming in stream links, promoting thru discord, etc.

Although the company made a statement in the form of an apology, not everyone is buying it.

Artesian Builds’ Twitter posts an apology about the situation

Hey twittersphere I’m really sorry for the way we did parts of the giveaway today. We’ve given a lot of people a lot of awesome free tech and that’s not going to stop. If you want to talk, I’m here- that’s kind of the point of being live so much. Ctd. -N

In the form of a four-part tweet, the company wrote an apology about the situation. In the apology, the company said they give away a lot of free stuff, and that won’t change. They also said that the affiliate program is free to join, and that the company has no PR team or filter.

2. Everyone in the affiliate/ambass program is eligible to get awesome free stuff and earn $ from referrals. It costs nothing to join. You can always go and chat with me live on twitch. I’ve talked for a long time about being transparent about everything. It’s live after all.-ctd

Noah K., the CEO of Artesian Builds, said that he felt terrible that there were people that didn’t enjoy the giveaway process, and was interested in ideas on how to improve.

3: There’s no filter. There’s no PR team. There’s just… us. You can get a cake or a new SSD. And remember: we give back 100% of what we earn on twitch to upgrade builds and do giveaways. No other company is doing it this way, and it’s not the easiest way. -Ctd.
4. The easy way is to not be there for you. But I’ve been there for years. I haven’t done much of anything else. I love interacting with you all. And I feel terrible that anyone didn’t enjoy that process today. Please feel free to share ideas on how to improve. -Noah

This led to quite a few tweets about what people thought of the company and the apology. There were many users who won’t look at the company in the same light again.

@ArtesianBuilds L + Ratio + Maidenless + This “apology” is gonna be a no from me dog…
@ArtesianBuilds This "apology" smells like privilege & avoiding accountability. How about genuinely apologizing to those you not only hurt but disappointed and genuinely be for your creator. Also no one is mad about the free stuff lmfao like what? People are mad you decided to bash your creators

Others don’t even see it as an apology, but a way to dodge accountability for their actions on a livestream.

@ArtesianBuilds You got caught disrespecting your ambassadors live in 4K, tried to base their worth on follower count and CCV and now you’re trying to dodge accountability with this “apology”
@ArtesianBuilds Noah, I think it’s incredibly important that moving forward, speaking negatively about your ambassadors (especially on a live stream) is bad practice and shouldn’t continue. Regardless of intent, it was a shared perception from others of how it came across. A genuine apology
@ArtesianBuilds Is something that can’t be danced around and needs to be accompanied by changed behavior/action. At a minimum, the creators you spoke down about deserve a formal, direct apology. It was incredibly disappointing to see all of this unfold tonight.

The mockery was perceived by many as incredibly rude behavior, and the way they treated the streamer in question was shameful.

@ArtesianBuilds Don't judge people and talk down to them for their low activity?You owe that specific individual an apology, as well as a public promise not to do that again.
@ArtesianBuilds How is this an apology? You judged, shamed, and deemed a creator who represents YOUR brand and company unworthy because of their metrics on a live stream when that was never a prerequisite. It was incredibly rude and unprofessional ESPECIALLY from you, the CEO.Do better Noah.

There has been no word other than the apology on how Artesian Builds will treat people going forward, but a blow has been dealt to their public perception through this viral Twitch clip. The outpouring of support for the streamer was widespread, just like the condemnation of the company's CEO.

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