3 reasons Cookie Run: Kingdom players should be excited about the new Caramel Arrow Cookie

Caramel Arrow Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom (Image via Sportskeeda)
Caramel Arrow Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom (Image via Sportskeeda)

Cookie Run: Kingdom fans are gearing up for the March update, as Caramel Arrow's release has finally been confirmed. The new Ranged Cookie has stirred up chatter across the community as there have been continuous leaks since mid-February.

Developers have not confirmed or denied anything other than her Ranged class status. Read on to find out all that is known about the latest Cookie joining the CRK universe and why you should start storing up star jellies for when she joins the gacha.


Is Caramel Arrow the best Ranged Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

These are some reasons why the entire community is so hyped up for the latest addition to the ranged category:

1) First front position ranged Cookie

Ranged Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom has primarily been used as secondary DPS characters, as they can take up the rear position and support the mid and front while those Cookies are in cooldown.

The new Caramel Arrow Cookie's preferred position is front, but her class is still ranged. This means that this will be the first dedicated DPS character that can be used as a "tank." Players are excited to see how this affects the defense-tank meta, which the game has followed for over a year now.

2) Caramel Arrow's role in the Dark Cacao Kingdom

In the update info tab in the game, one can see an Affogato Cookie beside the throne.


Post the February release of Affogato and Dark Cacao, players were expecting more of the story of the Dark Cacao Kingdom to be revealed.

This did not happen, but with Caramel Arrow's promotions being centered around her role in the storyline, it is highly likely that the storyline players have been requesting ever since the game was released will finally hit screens in episode 14.

3) New episode

Every new episode of Cookie Run: Kingdom brings several events that make it easier to pull Cookies from the Gacha.


Many have been unable to get their hands on Dark Cacao and Affogato, as they were not simultaneously released with a new episode, but Caramel Arrow brings with it episode 14, meaning players can unlock a new Epic Cookie soon after the update.

Fans can track this space for all the details on the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom releases as they go out.

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