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Call of Duty Mobile: 3 Things to Keep in Mind before Playing Call of Duty Legends of War

1.19K   //    19 May 2019, 19:47 IST

Call of Duty Mobile: Legends of War
Call of Duty Mobile: Legends of War

It has been only two days since the game Call of Duty Mobile Legends of War is out. Within this small period of time, the game has seen huge popularity. The Indian Google play store counted over 100k downloads already and the number is only growing with time.

Although the game is not available in all the countries, people can still download it and enjoy the Call of Duty experience on their Android phones. If you still do not know, you can check the step by step guide by clicking here.

But, there are certain things you need to know before you start playing the game. So without wasting any more time, let's see those!

#1 There is neither any Campaign nor Battle Royale

Most of the Call of Duty fans will be expecting a decent campaign mode, a nice story to experience. But This Call of Duty Mobile has no campaign or story mode as of now. And there has been no mention of that also. The Battle Royale game mode is also unavailable for now. But most likely, it will be available very soon as there is a function for battle royale already.

#2 The game is currently on Closed Beta and you'll receive 5000 COD for Free!

With the limited availablity, the game is out for Closed Beta testing only. The players who will play during this time will receive free 5000 COD points which they can use for purchasing any ingame items. They can also purchase Preimum plus battle pass with this.

#3 The entire data will be wiped out before the game sees official release

Sounds very harsh but it is true. The entire game data will be wiped out once the game goes for official release. So, all you spend inside the game, or you level up your character or guns, you'll have to start over once the game is released officially.

Have you played Call of Duty Mobile already? Do let us know what do you think about the game in the comments below!

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