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3 most underwhelming Psychic Pokemon from Johto

Psychic-type Pokemon (Image via Tom Salazar)
Psychic-type Pokemon (Image via Tom Salazar)
Modified 31 Mar 2021
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The Psychic-type Pokemon of Generation II have a good number of memorable and powerful additions to the franchise as well as a few less useful ones.

With that said, there are a surprising few Psychic-types added in the Johto region that were only average, let alone underwhelming.

This list includes a couple of Pokemon that, while potentially underwhelming, are still certainly welcome on any team that should need them.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 3 underwhelming Psychic Pokemon from Johto

#3 - Slowking

Slowking (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Slowking (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Slowking is by no means a bad Pokemon. It's a fairly good Pokemon capable of more than holding its own weight in battle. But its method of evolution, requiring a slowpoke to be traded with a specific item (an item that there's only one guaranteed of but with two different Pokemon requiring it), is a hassle.

But the biggest reason for Slowking being underwhelming is that it is just factually worse than Slowbro in Gold and Crystal. The only difference between the two Pokemon are that Slowbro learns several moves that Slowking does not and that their defense and special defense are flipped.


Slowking has a higher special defense, and Slowbro has a higher defense. And, unfortunately, defense is simply more useful in Generation II, making Slowking the worst option between the two.

#2 - Wobbuffet

Image via Pokemon Wiki Fandom
Image via Pokemon Wiki Fandom

Once again, this isn't a bad Pokemon. Sure, Wobbuffet may be difficult to get used to since its only method of damaging the opponent is through Counter and Mirror Coat.

Wobbuffet's massive HP stat and low defenses mean that any successful counter-attack is sure to do massive damage. And the Pokemon even has Safeguard and Destiny Bond to prepare for any emergencies.

The problem is that's literally all Wobbuffet has to offer. If Wobbuffet had Recover or another healing move, then it would perform much better.

Though sometimes it may be easy to guess whether an opponent will use a special or physical move, mixed attackers are a real problem. This goes the same for AI while playing casually since there's usually no telling what their unoptimized move set might include, which goes doubly so for casual players.

#1 - Unown

Unown (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Unown (Image via The Pokemon Company)

As interesting as this Pokemon's concept might be as a living alphabet, Unown is just an underwhelming Pokemon to use. Its stats aren't that great, and the only move it can ever learn in any generation is Hidden Power.

Hidden Power's usefulness is total RNG decided upon encountering an Unown, as in, its power and even type are completely dependant on the user's IVs. But the highest power Hidden Power can possibly have is 70, which still isn't useful.

For a Pokemon whose anime appearance was so mystical and mesmerizing, its actual usefulness in the games is completely underwhelming.

Published 31 Mar 2021, 11:35 IST
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