"Straight up furry": 39daph analyzes Professor Lando's furry scale during Twitch stream

39daph takes an interest in different levels of being a furry (Image via Twitch/39daph)
39daph takes an interest in different levels of being a furry (Image via Twitch/39daph)
Vibha Hegde

Daphne "39daph" is known for her eccentric and bizarre livestream antics that are enjoyable to her viewers, which is why when she began to dole out her own opinions on the classification of furries, none of her viewers batted an eye.

During a recent Twitch stream, the content creator watched a video of fellow streamer Professor Lando where he constructed a "furry scale" to determine the level of furry that a person identified themselves as.

39daph learns about different levels of being a furry with her viewers

Daphne "39daph" took some time out of her recent stream to watch an educational and subjective take on the stages of becoming a "furry," from the content creator Professor Lando. Alongside the video, she weighed in with her own opinions.


Lando was drawing out the different levels of being a furry when he specifically called out number three and stated that he felt the line was crossed there.

39daph paused the video and pointed at number two, retorting,

"Honestly, I would put that as just straight-up furry."

After Lando drew the fourth stage, which appeared to be a standing animal-like creature, 39daph paused again and began to elicit laughter from her audience, claiming,

"This is where you hit the yiffing."

Lando himself critiqued the stage, saying,

"This is definitely humanoid.. but at this point, only in spirit."

However, neither 39daph nor her audience were expecting the next line. Lando drew the last stage, number five, which appeared to be completely non-human. He then pointed at it and remarked, in a flat tone,

"That's just an animal."

The simple one-liner had 39daph cackle out loud from the dry-yet-humorous delivery of the content creator. Lando hadn't finished his drawing, however. He drew a line of text depicting the animal speaking, which read,

"What are you doing you sick f***?"

While coming across a furry was a rare occurrence in the past, they are more commonly found on the internet now, with some making huge strides.

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Dominique "SonicFox" McLean is an openly g*y non-binary furry esports player who was named Esports Player of the Year at The Game Awards 2018. As of August 4, 2019, they are the highest-paid fighting game esports player in the world.

Opinions regarding furries are very mixed, with more people accepting furries as a "live and let live" deal while others are more hostile to the idea.

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