5 best Bedroom ideas for Roblox Adopt Me!

Many bedroom ideas revolve around themes of one color (Image via Uplift Games)
Many bedroom ideas revolve around themes of one color (Image via Uplift Games)

While Adopt Me on Roblox revolves around raising pets, many fans have been looking for ways to stylize their rooms.

Having been developed in 2017 by Uplift Games, Adopt Me has gained a strong following on Roblox. Players can catch various pets in this game and even combine them to create neon pets (or a mega-neon pet).

In this Roblox game, however, users can also customize items in their room, and some have applied some real house decor skills to this feature.

Five great bedroom ideas for Roblox Adopt Me fans

5) Blush Pink Bedroom


This build uses simple items to accentuate the theme of, well, pink. Perhaps the most notable of these are the flower models on the walls of the bedroom. There is also a very well-done PC setup in this build.

4) Simple Modern Bedroom


This is a much more straightforward build. It’s done with a simple white theme in mind, but what really makes it pop out is the furniture.

The egg-shaped chair is undoubtedly a Roblox conversation starter. The flat-screen TV also makes it seem like a room any teenager would be happy to come home to.

3) Boho Style Bedroom


This is a Roblox Adopt Me build with a strong Asian influence. The furniture in this room features many items that are found in nature, particularly in the East. The white background almost makes these natural elements stand out more.

The centerpiece of this build is probably the dual bamboo trees at the end of the bed. There are also several other trees scattered in the background.

2) Aesthetic LED Lights Bedroom


The feel of this room is fantastic. The LED lights that surround this build give the entire space a very vibrant look. The star decorations by the side of the door really bring out this quality.

Lining the room's edges was a tastefully done way of getting some LED lighting into this build.

1) Purple Modern Bedroom


This is, of no surprise, the most colorful pick of the bunch. It's not just because of the purple theme, though. There are many more smaller decorations that add different colors to the mix.

The tree by the bed, for example, provides an earthy element to this room.

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