5 best eFootball 2023 forwards to have in your dream team

The 5 best efootball 23 forwards to have in your dream team (Image via Twitter)
The 5 best efootball 23 forwards to have in your dream team (Image via Twitter)

Creating a dream team in eFootball 2023 is tough as you need to check all the different stats to select a player for any position. The hardest of them all to choose from is the best forward for your dream team. This guide will focus on the five best forward cards in eFootball 2023 that will sit perfectly in your dream team.

The cards mentioned here are the standard variants. All of these forwards here are from different positions and you can choose any of these according to the positional needs of your dream team in eFootball 2023.

It is impossible to mention all the forward players, especially with the different special event card lists getting updated constantly. Hence, this article will focus on those that are currently in condition A in eFootball 2023. For this reason, cards like Karim Benzema, goal poacher Robert Lewandowski, and fox in the box Erling Halaand will be missing from the list.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's views.

Top 5 attackers in eFootball 2023: Raphinha, Roberto Firmino, and more

5) Raphinha (Prolific Winger card)


Despite Barcelona’s recent failure in European conditions, Raphinha’s form has been incredible. The base card of this RWF is 79 rated. However, upon training it properly, players will enjoy a 91 rated prolific winger with 77 rated offensive awareness, 80+ rated tight possession, dribbling and ball control, and kicking power, and 90+ rated speed and acceleration.

After the right training sessions, this card will be a perfect fit for players who prefer to play out wide with their eFootball 23 dream teams. This Brazilian RWF will bring accurate crosses for your goal poacher into the box.

4) Roberto Firmino (Deep-lying Forward card)


Roberto Firmino's 80 rated base card will reach up to 91 upon properly training it. It is currently in condition A and is available for 82,000 GP in the game. The Brazilian forward has 80+ offensive awareness, ball control, tight possession, speed, and curl. He possesses 91 balance as well.

Players who like to play a possession game with a false-nine in the middle can go for this card. Robert Firmino has been one of the integral parts of Klopp’s recent success with the Merseyside Reds, and he could be that for your dream team in eFootball 2023 as well.

3) P. Foden (Creative Playmaker card)


Phil Foden's base card is currently the best LWF car in the game that is performing in the best condition. The 81 rated base card will go up to 94 after the right training. Upon reaching level 32, it will have 80+ speed, kicking power, and acceleration with 90+ ball control, dribbling, and tight possession.

This will also be the best fit for players who like to play out wide or go for quick counters after defending a corner or a set piece. With skills like cutting behind & turning, and double touching, your opponents will tremble while defending your left flank.

2) Lionel Messi (Creative Playmaker card)


The little magician’s base card can be trained up to 20 levels and with proper training, this card can go up to 96. With 80+ offensive awareness, acceleration, place kicking, almost 90 curl and 90+ ball control dribbling, and tight possession, Lionel Messi will run a riot in the opponent’s half.

This card will solve many problems for players who like to change formations while playing. You can set up a narrow formation and play Messi in a second striker, attacking midfielder, or center forward role. You can also choose a wide formation and play him in RWF too.

1) K. Mbappe (Goal Poacher card)


The goal poacher Mbappe card is a must-have if you are currently making a dream team with the best in-form players in eFootball 2023. The French international already announced himself to the world after winning his debut World Cup. He is a beast in eFootball 2023 as well.

The 86 rated card can go up to 97 after training. With 80+ rated ball control, dribbling, finishing, and speed, and 90+ rated offensive awareness and acceleration, this card is a must-have in every player’s dream team.

You can play this card on both the wings and the center. Team it up with a deep-lying forward to create space in the opposition's defense, and Mbappe will tear the defense apart.

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