5 best female characters in Free Fire for the Clash Squad mode

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

The addition of special characters with unique abilities adds a different touch to Free Fire. It makes it distinctive, and hence, popular among fans worldwide.

In the realm of Free Fire, there are 35 characters present, and players can opt for any one in-game once they are unlocked.

The Clash Squad mode is a popular and sought-after Arcade game mode in Free Fire, and players often get confused about which characters to choose.

This article lists some of the best female characters that will be viable to use in the Clash Squad mode of Free Fire.

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Five most potent and viable female characters for the Clash Squad mode in Free Fire

Note: This list is not in any particular order. It is a generalized list of the best characters that can help players in the ranked mode.

#1 - A124

A124 in Free Fire
A124 in Free Fire

A124 has an impressive active ability called Thrill of Battle. It quickly converts 25 EP into HP with a cooldown of 90 seconds at the initial level. With the increment in character level, the ability is also significantly enhanced.

Her constant healing source, providing an invincible health shield to the player, can be very beneficial for the Clash Squad mode.

#2 - Kapella

Kapella in Free Fire
Kapella in Free Fire

Another excellent choice for the Clash Squad mode is Kapella. As her in-game description states, Kapella is a pop singer with a fantastic passive ability, Healing Song.

Kapella's ability increases the effects of healing items and skills by 10% and reduces the ally HP loss when it is down by 20%. This impacts a player's performance significantly while playing a Clash Squad match.

#3 - Moco

Moco in Free Fire
Moco in Free Fire

Moco’s Hacker’s Eye is one of the most distinctive and uncommon abilities available in the game. This passive ability can tag enemies that are shot for 2 seconds at her initial levels and shares the info with allies. As players level up the power of Moco, the duration of the tag increases.

Her ability is of great use while revealing enemy locations on the map during a match.

#4 - Laura

Laura in Free Fire
Laura in Free Fire

Laura's passive ability, Sharp Shooter, allows her to increase the accuracy of a weapon by 10 when players are scoped in. At Laura's maximum potential at level 6, the accuracy of a firearm, when scoped in, is increased by 30.

Laura also has a distinctive quality compared to most other characters in Free Fire. This is a great ability for passive players on the ground as it allows them to take accurate shots to eliminate opponents effortlessly.

#5 - Dasha


Dasha is one of the recent female characters that has been added to the game. She has a passive ability called Partying On. It significantly reduces fall damage by 30% and brings down recovery time from falling by 60%.

There is also a 6% reduction in the recoil build-up, with the maximum recoil being reduced by the same percentage.

This is an exceptional ability to have while ranking up or playing the Clash Squad mode as it enhances a player's abilities remarkably.

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Note: This article reflects the author's opinion, and what may seem the best to one may not be so to someone else.

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