5 best games like Borderlands for PC

Borderlands 3 (Image via Gearbox)
Borderlands 3 (Image via Gearbox)

Developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands gave the looter shooter genre its identity and established itself as the best in the genre. Released back in 2009, Borderlands got a sequel in 2012, which introduced many iconic characters to the franchise, as well as a prequel title called Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

After much fan demand, a third game in the Borderlands series was released seven years later in 2019, and a spinoff title called Tiny Tina’s Wonderland set for early 2022. While fans wait in anticipation, let’s take a look at some of the titles they might like to try out instead of replaying Borderlands.

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Which PC games should fans of Borderlands play?

There are quite a few looter shooter titles on PC, but some of the best that players should definitely give a try are given below.

5 best games like Borderlands for PC:

  • Destiny 2
  • Warframe
  • Tom Clancy’s Division 2
  • Saints Row IV
  • Far Cry 6

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at each of the titles individually.

5) Destiny 2


Developed by Bungie, Destiny 2 is arguably the most famous looter shooter in recent years. While it initially struggled to find an audience, it has since grown to be one of the most popular titles on Steam. Also, since it is a free-to-play title, players can just jump in and give it a try.

4) Warframe


The free-to-play title Warframe has accumulated a cult following over the years. The third-person co-op title offers players a lot of opportunities to build their perfect Tenno and Warframes.

3) Tom Clancy’s Division 2


Tom Clancy’s Division 2 fixes everything that was wrong with Division. The game takes the player to a post-apocalyptic Washington DC and builds upon the world from the first game. Any player looking for a good cooperative multiplayer RPG with looter shooter elements like Borderlands needs to look no further than Division 2.

2) Saints Row IV


Borderlands has a very particular meta-commentary and humor in its story and world-building, which can also be found in Saints Row IV. From alien inversion to superpowers, Saints Row IV is like no other Saints Row game before it. The title is sure to make every player chuckle with some of its meta-humor.

1) Far Cry 6


While at first glance, Far Cry 6 might not look much like a Borderlands-type game, but it certainly is one of the best first-person action RPGs. The title takes the player to the world of Yara and unleashes a guerrilla war on the dictator, Antor Castillo. A review of Far Cry 6 can be found here.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.

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