5 best Genshin Impact cosplays on the internet

Genshin Impact cosplays on fire (Image via Light Refraction, YouTube)
Genshin Impact cosplays on fire (Image via Light Refraction, YouTube)
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Genshin Impact has presented its characters in an anime-like aesthetic. Most of the characters' outfits are heavily inspired by anime visual elements. And cosplayers out there tend to have their own take on some of the Genshin Impact characters today.

This article lists the five best Genshin Impact cosplays on the internet.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 5 Genshin Impact cosplays on the internet

#1 - Keqing supremacy by Amber

Amber, a well-known cosplayer, showcased her Keqing cosplay on Twitter. The purple-themed character resembles the color and aesthetic of a 5-star Electro-type one.

The post now has more than a thousand likes and above a hundred retweets. Other Twitter users praised the cosplayer's Keqing interpretation, with a user named Ellie! even claiming that Amber "knocked it out of the park again."

#2 - Ningguang cosplay

December @ anti ghost bimbo posted a photo on Twitter of her cosplaying the 4-star Geo catalyst user Ningguang.

As seen in the photos, it was an outdoor shoot that resembled a Geo-themed aesthetic and really complemented Ningguang's white, black, dark gold, and yellow-orange visuals.

The cosplayer also posed like Ningguang, giving a real-life interpretation to the character.

#3 - Nymphahri's Amber birthday cosplay

User Nymphahri shared photos of her cosplaying the 4-star Pyro-archer Amber, one of the early unlockable characters in Genshin Impact. The cosplayer also wished a happy birthday to herself in the caption.

The post now has more than two thousand likes, with other Twitter users also greeting her and praising her work.

#4 - Fenixfatalist as Lisa

The 4-star Electro-type Lisa was cosplayed by user fenixfatalist, as seen in her Twitter post.

The cosplayer's take on Lisa showed her dressed in a fancy costume and surrounded by books.

Lisa is known to be the librarian of the Knights of Favonius in Genshin Impact, and fenixfatalist has nailed that aspect.

#5 - Diluc, of Mondstadt by Jewsama

Ending this list is the cosplay take by user Jewsama on Twitter, where he posted his cosplay photos showcasing the 5-star Pyro-type character, Diluc.

The cosplayer chose a minimalist background to highlight the Diluc-inspired outfit and aesthetic, including his red hair that stands out the most. He also posed with some notable Diluc stances.

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