5 best Genshin Impact Windsong Lyre songs that will leave you wanting more

Hu Tao playing the Windsong Lyre (Image via taka gg, YouTube)
Hu Tao playing the Windsong Lyre (Image via taka gg, YouTube)

The Genshin Impact 1.4 Windblume Festival is filled with several mini-games for players. One of these choices is Ballad of Breeze, a classic rhythm mini-game where players have to press the correct button to gain the required scores.

This game features a lyre, commonly seen in the hands of the Bards in Mondstadt. In this event, gamers have a chance to obtain a Windsong Lyre of their own and to play music with it.

Some players and YouTubers have even gone to great lengths to recreate some popular songs using this Windsong Lyre. With that being said, here are five beautiful musical themes recreated in Genshin Impact that are worth checking out.

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Top five Genshin Impact Windsong Lyre songs

#1 - Never gonna give you up, Rick Astley


Rickrolling is one of the most common meme pranks on the internet. On this perfect opportunity, renowned Genshin Impact content creator taka gg decided to Rickroll his viewers. But just this once, it was a pleasant surprise.

#2 - Rex Incognito, Genshin Impact


Players might recognize this song from the flaming trailer of the Geo Archon, Zhongli. The YouTube channel, ChaconneScott_ACG on Piano, did an amazing cover of this song. Although the simplicity of the lyre might mask its grandeur, it's still pleasant to hear.

#3 - Dragonspine Background Music, Genshin Impact


On its release in the 1.2 update, Dragonspine was often praised for its exceptional background music. ChaconneScott_ACG on Piano also made this video, and players can enjoy the music's calmness enhanced by the sound of the lyre. Those interested in more Genshin Impact covers can go straight to this channel.

#4 - The Dawn Winery theme, Genshin Impact


This arrangement by YouTuber Julleeus features Diluc playing the lyre, so players can enjoy the Dawn Winery theme straight from the Master himself. It currently has 11000 views and a lot of positive reviews. A lot of comments even asked for a full version.

#5 - The Coffin Dance, Astronomia


This song became a TikTok trend in 2020 and is now commonly used after a "Fail" video. On March 28th, taka gg covered this song using the Windsong Lyre and reached 230000 views in a day.

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