5 best PS2 fighting games that deserve a remake in 2022

There are lots of classic fighting games that deserve a second chance with an HD remake (Image via Urban Reign and SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain)
There are lots of classic fighting games that deserve a second chance with an HD remake (Image via Urban Reign and SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain)
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While fighting games have been available on every device since the NES, it wasn't until the introduction of 32-bit system that the niche really took off. The PlayStation 2 became the console to play fighting games after the Sega Dreamcast. There are lots of classic fighting games that deserve a second chance with an HD remake.

Despite the arrival of the PlayStation 5, there are still a slew of PlayStation 2 games that fans wish to see redone. Since the PS2 was released in 2000 and discontinued in 2013, there are a lot of games available.

In the end, these classics deserve to be remade. The PlayStation 2 is fading into obscurity, but many of its titles are still fresh in the memories of nostalgic players.

Here are the 5 best PS2 fighting games that deserve a remake in 2022

5) Jet Li: Rise To Honor


Martial arts video games are a bit of a niche business. Jet Li: Rise to Honor is a large-scale game that features the titular actor's image and fighting style. With modern-day graphics, this game can be remade.

The majority of the game, which is played from a third-person perspective, is a beat 'em up in which the player uses the right analogue stick to direct punches at foes, similar to the Xbox title Star Wars: Obi-Wan.

Many stages in the game allow the player to utilize guns with infinite ammo. Throughout each level, the player builds up an adrenaline reserve that may be used to conduct strong hand-to-hand combat blows.

4) Def Jam: Fight for NY


Def Jam: Fight For NY is a one-on-one brawler built around a wrestling engine. Players must continually scan the arenas for opportunities to utilize against their opponent.

With an fast-paced narrative mode, a massive roster of combatants and fighting styles to unlock, and plenty of licenced in-game goods to collect, Def Jam: Fight for NY may seem out of place on this list of the Best PS2 fighting games that deserve a 2022 remake.

The use of the game's numerous locations and the surrounding audience to do damage is emphasised in Def Jam Fight for NY. Fighters can inflict tremendous damage on their opponents by smashing them headfirst into a wall, shoving a door or gate in their face, or leveraging other characteristics of their surroundings for a victory.

If a fighter is tossed towards them or goes too close, the crowd will force him back into conflict, occasionally detaining them and leaving them vulnerable to assault.

3) DOA2: Hardcore


DOA2: Hardcore, another PlayStation 2 launch release, is an improved version of the successor to the arcade/PS1 mega-hit Dead or Alive. The sequel was also well regarded.

PS2's 'Hardcore' edition of the game was greatly expanded upon, including 60fps cutscenes and gameplay, additional characters, a larger range of outfits, new arenas, and other aesthetic additions.

The gameplay of Dead or Alive 2 and the following DOA fighting games were highly influenced by the Virtua Fighter series, although there are a few fundamental differences that significantly alter how Dead or Alive is played, in contrast to Virtua Fighter.

The cyclical interaction between the three of moves - blows, throws, and holds - is the foundation of DOA2's combat system. Aside from the blows/throws/holds, the game's stun system is another distinguishing aspect.

2) Urban Reign


This list is incomplete without this legendary game. Namco is well-versed in combat games, which translated nicely to Urban Reign's ambient design. Urban Reign, which was created by the Tekken crew, has more in common with the blockbuster fighting game than merely Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law.

Urban Reign offers single-player and multiplayer gameplay, with several AI opponents and human-controlled characters battling on the same screen at the same time. Characters may roam the area, pick up weapons, toss things, give AI companions directions, and perform maneuvers against several opponents.

Each character has unique animations for low and high grapples, air grapples, counters, and recounters. Despite the fact that characters have ideal combo strings, most combinations begin with three attacks, the third of which juggles an opponent.

1) SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain


When WWE fans make a list of their favorite games, the sequence more often than not includes SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain. WWE released a slew of well-received video games during the 2000s.

Smackdown, Smackdown vs. Raw, Day of Reckoning, and WrestleMania 19 are all still remembered fondly, but WWE Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain is still, without a doubt, THQ and Yuke's greatest wrestling game.

Here Comes The Pain will undoubtedly surprise a lot of people with the nature of its powerful, hard-hitting attack that comes at incredible speeds in a world where WWE games are normally slow-paced with maneuvers that don't create much of an impression.

In this game, even simple moves like German suplexes and clotheslines are bone-rattling, while huge moves like the F-5 and the Goldberg Spear appear to be utterly lethal.

People have conflicting feelings about the game's control mechanism because of the difficulties of having two reversal buttons: L2 for attacks, R2 for grapples, and both at the same time to counter finishers.

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