5 best PUBG Mobile tips to play like a pro (November 2023)

Tactics to play like a pro player in PUBG Mobile (Image via Tencent Games)
Tactics to play like a pro player in PUBG Mobile (Image via Tencent Games)

Tencent Games' PUBG Mobile sees changes in every update, requiring players to adjust and improve their abilities to keep up with the alterations. Everyone wants to win the coveted Chicken Dinner. However, mastering the strategies and skills necessary to continuously prevail in battles is difficult. That is why this guide will help you stay one step ahead of the opposition and win.

Here are some tips you can use to get better at the game.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Tips and tricks to play like a pro in PUBG Mobile (November 2023)

1) Master landing


The moment you jump out of the plane is a crucial one. The landing area you choose can set the tone for the entire match in PUBG Mobile. Aim for places that offer a lot of loot; however, do so with caution. Avoid crowded areas where you can be killed early, and stay clear of remote areas where loot is less as well.

Keep an eye out for other players as you drop. Adjust your selected landing spot accordingly to increase your chances of quickly gearing up without engaging in early-game conflicts. Prioritize guns, armor, and medical supplies as you land to increase your chances of survival.

2) Efficient looting and inventory management


Being a pro player requires more than just shooting prowess; it also necessitates good resource management in PUBG Mobile. Loot buildings rapidly by prioritizing high-value items and attachments. Choose guns that complement one another, such as a long-range rifle and a close-quarters weapon like a shotgun or SMG.

Inventory management is crucial for success. Organize your backpack and prioritize vital items like first-aid kits, energy drinks, and ammunition. Remove unneeded resources to make way for more crucial supplies.

3) Map awareness and positioning


Pros are always aware of their surroundings and make good use of the map in PUBG Mobile. Keep an eye on the diminishing play zone and plan your moves accordingly. When feasible, position yourself near the safe zone's center to reduce the distance you have to cover when it shrinks.

Avoid running in open places and use cover intelligently, especially in the game's later stages. When trying to keep yourself mobile, be aware of the noise you make — running carelessly can reveal your location to surrounding opponents. Use natural terrain, buildings, and vehicles as cover against enemy fire, and keep an eye out for locations you can use to ambush your opponents.

4) Master gunplay


Accurate aiming and firing distinguishes professionals from amateurs in PUBG Mobile. Spend time in the training mode, honing your aim with various weapons. Use sensitivity settings that suit your playstyle and experiment with different scopes to find your favorites.

To improve your gun control, learn the recoil patterns of common guns. Burst fire is frequently more effective than continuous spraying because it's easier to control, especially at longer ranges. That said, mastering both single-shot and automatic firing modes will provide you with options regarding which to use in a variety of situations.

Additionally, while shooting, be aware of your movement. Strafing and crouching can make you a harder target for your opponents. To obtain an advantage in gunfights, combine strategic movement with precise aiming.

5) Communication and teamwork


Effective communication is essential when playing in a squad in PUBG Mobile. To interact with your team, use the in-game voice chat or external communication tools. Share information about enemy locations, strategize, and highlight valuable loot to have a better chance at victory.

Moreover, understanding your colleagues' playstyles and skills will help you develop a sense of teamwork. Provide cover for each other while looting and coordinating attacks. A squad whose members communicate effectively can outmaneuver and outgun opponents, enhancing their chances of taking home the prized Chicken Dinner.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile has been banned by the Indian government. Those from the region are advised to try out Krafton's Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the Indian variant of the mobile title.