5 best turn-based combat games players would like to see make their way to Xbox Game Pass on 2022

XCOM 2 is one of the most popular turn-based combat games (Image via 2K)
XCOM 2 is one of the most popular turn-based combat games (Image via 2K)

Turn-based combat games take a different approach than other genres as they often involve a different take. Unlike traditional titles, players have to wait in turn-based combat games. These turns are quite significant, and any decision could become the difference between a victory and a defeat.

The genre itself is pretty old, going back to the days of text-based games. With the evolution of technology, turn-based combat games have added outstanding titles that fans and players have enjoyed.

All the following five titles are excellent ones, and their additions to the Xbox Game Pass 2022 will be a good decision for the service subscribers.

Disclaimer: Not a ranked list. It could include games that were previously present on the service.

Top five turn-based combat games players will love on the Xbox Game Pass in 2022

5) Darkest Dungeon II


Over the years, Darkest Dungeon has built its reputation as a difficult turn-based combat game. While the base mechanics are easy to learn, the game quickly introduces the horrors present in the game's world to the players.

What seems like an innocent game of exploration becomes a fight for simulation. There's also an element of RNG that can be rewarding or infuriating at the same time.

In the wake of the first game's success, Darkest Dungeon II has been released on PC and is an Epic exclusive. There are rumors that the second release will also be coming to consoles like the first one.

Darkest Dungeon II is available for early access, but an entry sometime in 2022 would be wonderful. Given how the second game has received accolades, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have a wonderful time if they get it on the service.

4) The Banner Saga Trilogy


The Banner Saga Trilogy collectively forms one of the best in the genre of turn-based combat games. The first game was once present on the Xbox Game Pass but then made its exit.

Given how good all three games are, there's a strong case for the trilogy to be on the service. The trilogy also allows players to play the games sequentially and enjoy the full experience as a whole.

The Banner Saga hits the marks in simple turn-based combat games. It's what players do in between that makes each of the three titles quite brilliant. The games have a brilliant backdrop that brings them to life.

Playing all three games together also allows the ending of one game to carry on to the next. While players might think that preserving the caravan is simple, it's easier said than done.

3) Othercide


Othercide was a rough release in 2020, as many believed the turn-based combat game had potential. The problems were mostly down to the development and execution of the game.

Othercide is a blend of roguelike and turn-based combat games, and the blending is perfect. However, the game felt incredibly rough on the edges, and at times, players complained about the game being too difficult.

Much of the game has improved since its launch, and it's also available for a hefty discount. However, entering the Xbox Game Pass could be a good deal for Focus Entertainment as it will allow more players to try the game. While the game's formula isn't new, there are enough things in Otherside to offer something unique to players.

2) XCOM 2: War of the Chosen


XCOM is the point where the turn-based combat game genre took off in the right direction. While XCOM might not be the first game of the genre, it has popularised it like no other game.

It has been a significant time since XCOM 2 and the subsequent War of the Chosen came out. There aren't too many releases of 2K games on the Xbox Game Pass. However, this will be a great addition to all subscribers.

The second installment and its expansion allow players to control a squad of trained operatives. Their task is cut out against the alien invaders, and players have many tasks on their hands. From survivability to protecting civilians, players have to manage everything. One wrong turn could prove to be devastating.

1) Divinity Original Sin II


Divinity Original Sin II is arguably one of the best blends of RPG and turn-based combat games. Developed by Larian Studios, the game has excellent gameplay, an interesting story, and a challenging nature.

Like many turn-based combat games, the player controls a squad of characters. However, each character can be built differently, and there's no shortage of options. Players can go with a full physical build or can develop a necromancer to do blood magic.

The story of Divinity Original Sin II is equally brilliant as it's elaborate and interesting at the same time. Players need to pay attention to their decisions because they will affect the end goal.

However, the strength of the game is the turn-based combat gameplay. The game has a fantastic amount of replayability, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will love nothing more than to get their hands on the title.

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