5 biggest Shroud’s stream moments of all time

Shroud's had a really successful streaming career (Image via Shroud/Twitch)
Shroud's had a really successful streaming career (Image via Shroud/Twitch)
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Michael "shroud" Grzesiek's return to competitive esports has many people excited. The former CS: GO pro will be playing on the Sentinels Valorant roster for the upcoming North America Last Chance Qualifiers in August.

The ex-Cloud9 player will reunite with old teammate Shazam as he begins his professional career in Riot Games' new tactical shooter. As he starts a professional career anew, it's time to look back at some of the most memorable moments on stream.

The Canadian left the competitive stage in 2018 to pursue streaming as a full-time job. Throughout his time on Twitch and Mixer, Shroud has become the undisputed FPS god who masters any game with a shooting element.

His streams provided a multitude of amazing clips showcasing his reflex and skill of tapping heads, with many dubbing him 'The King of Reddit.'

Shroud's most fantastic on-stream moments

Shroud has been at the center of FPS games for a long time. The 28-year-old had been streaming his favorite games, mainly CS, in tandem with his professional career. In an interview, he even attributed his position at Cloud 9 to his streaming, saying:

"The main way I kinda got scouted was I streamed a lot. Streaming is actually a good way for people to scout, I guess. Because they can watch your stream."

Here's a look at some of his clips that made him the beloved streamer he is now.

5) Pistol 1v3 against TimTheTatman

Back in his Mixer days, the content creator went up against fellow streamers such as TimTheTatman in a Call of Duty tournament. While losing 1-5, the clutch god decimated three people quickly with inhuman flicks.

After his first jumping headshot, even the commentators praised the legend by saying how he was built differently. The fact that he decimated Tim and two others with rifles and machine guns with a mere pistol just shows how insane he can be.

4) How to flick 101


The Twitch star is legendary for his flicks in the shooters. His inhuman reactions and unmatched game sense have made for some of the best headshots in gaming history.

It is impossible to highlight any clip from his streams, and it would be unfair to the hundreds of other insane flicks. Instead, added above are 17-and-a-half-minutes of the FPS god tapping heads in PUBG, CS, Rainbow Six, etc.

3) Insane 30 frag PUBG game


In 2017, Shroud was at the top of PUBG lists and had been dominating the game with high kill games. Regularly dropping 10+ kills in solo matchups, one of his more mind-blowing games was the one with a whopping 30 frags.

The staggering achievement has been fully recorded and uploaded to YouTube for fans' viewing pleasure.

2) PUBG funny moment

Streaming is not just about showcasing supernatural skills. Shroud's claim to Reddit fame has as much to do with his humor and personality as his skillful gameplay.

His PUBG streams are notorious for being inundated with stream snipers, but how he interacts with the internet personality sets him apart from most other streamers.

The clip of him disconnecting from the title after missing the rocket launcher shot on three grouped stream snipers got almost 190K views.

It's a testament to his fun and entertaining persona on stream because, unlike some who would take issue with being stream sniped, Shroud makes the most of the situation, which sometimes leads to hilarious moments like this.

1) The King came back to Twitch


Shroud had allegedly signed a $10 million deal with Mixer to leave Twitch. When the Microsoft-owned streaming platform shut down in June 2020, he returned to the purple brand with massive fanfare.

His inaugural stream in August 2020 had a massive turnout, as many esports fans came to see the FPS god on his original streaming platform. According to Twitch Tracker, the broadcast reached a massive 516,289 concurrent viewers, making for some fantastic interactions as the chat showered him with subs left and right:

"Dude, I can't even read. There's literally. I can't read a single thing in this chat room. Look at all of these Twitch primes. D**n, it feels good to say that again."

Pulling in half a million viewers for a comeback stream is no mean feat and is evidence of Shroud's immense popularity in the streaming community.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.

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