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5 deadly mistakes Fortnite players make that is stopping them from winning more games

Don't get sniped
Rob Kalajian
Modified 22 Feb 2021
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At first glance, Fortnite seems like a random group of 100 individuals dropping onto an island, building rickety-looking structures, and blasting away at each other until one player, duo, or squad is left.

It is easy to get comfortable in that view and repeatedly make common mistakes that will continue to cost the game. Here are a few things to avoid while playing to rack up more kills and place higher during each match.

5 mistakes players make in Fortnite

#5 - Not gathering enough materials

Image via
Image via

Building in Fortnite becomes more important as the storm circle shrinks, meaning players will need a good amount of building materials for the endgame. The problem is many players do not gather enough materials before it is too late. The smaller the circle, the more scarce resources become.

Always be sure to harvest enough wood, brick, and metal early on in a match when everyone is spread out, and resources are abundant.

#4 - Playing peek-a-boo


When building a quick defense, players try to sneak a peek out of their structures to see if their opponents have moved on to easier prey or take a quick shot or two. This is the perfect opportunity for opponents to snipe them, taking them out of a match much earlier than if they had just turned tail and moved into a better position to continue the fight.

When building defensively, always make sure to play like the pros, and continue to move along until a better position can be taken up.

#3 - Not learning basic builds

Fortnite is just as much a game about building at its heart as it is about shooting people in the face. Learning how to build quickly and efficiently can save a player's hide in a firefight when being shot or needing to take a quick knee to heal up.

There are many variations on basic 1x1 builds that players can practice building until it becomes muscle memory. It is surprising how much higher Fortnite players can place in a match learning these simple techniques.

#2 - Not sorting weapons

Sorting by range is one example.
Sorting by range is one example.

Fortnite firefights are frantic and deadly, often over in mere moments. Selecting the wrong weapon at the wrong time can easily lead to players be taken out of a match, ending their shot at a higher ranking prematurely. Learning to sort the inventory is a great way for Fortnite players to track what goes where. A common theme is sorting weapons by range, following by healing items. Ex:

  1. Shotguns
  2. Assault rifles
  3. Sniper rifles
  4. Shields
  5. First aid

By doing so, Fortnite players will always know what button to hit in any situation. As an extension to this, setting building controls to more comfortable keys, such as F and V for the more popular pieces, can help speed up players' building process exponentially.

#1 - Not listening

Image via Vieux Père:YouTube
Image via Vieux Père:YouTube

While Fortnite players need to have a sharp eye when playing the game, they also need to keep their ears perked. Just as they do not want to be peeking around their builds, players should never place themselves out in the open to get a better view when they can listen to hear what is going on around them.

With a good set of headphones, players will get a directional sense of where things are going on in their proximity.

Every chest, ammo box, and action has its own sound. The footsteps of others become louder or softer depending on how close they are to a player.

Combine this with the visual representation of Fortnite's compass when shots are fired, and players can keep themselves hidden and well-informed about their surroundings without ever having to peek their heads out for snipers to take advantage.

Published 22 Feb 2021, 19:55 IST
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