5 Free Fire mistakes you should avoid

Get better at Free Fire by avoiding these mistakes
Get better at Free Fire by avoiding these mistakes
Modified 17 Dec 2019

Free Fire is a popular Battle Royale game available on mobile platforms. The game has a huge player base and with its increasing popularity, more and more gamers including newcomers are trying the game. In order to master any game, players must forge the right habits from the get-go and avoid making casual mistakes.

Here are the mistakes players should not make while playing Free Fire.

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Playing without earphones/headphones

One of the most common yet big mistakes players usually make is playing the game without good earphones or headphones. Free Fire is Battle Royale and combating is not the only skill required to thrive in the game. A good pair of earphones or headphones will help players to hear the footsteps of the enemies properly. It will also notify players about vehicles and any kind of action that breaks out nearby.

Standing still while shooting or looting

As the title suggests, standing still while shooting or looting is a terrible idea and can be the reason for you dying in the game. Constantly moving is a key aspect of every Battle Royale and Free Fire is no different. Standing still invites easy shots from the opponents and will result in your elimination from the game. It’s important to constantly move while shooting (change positions) and looting (random movements).

Reloading at the wrong time/waiting for reload

Although it’s recommended to reload weapons whenever possible, reloading the gun in a fight can result in your death. Similar to that, waiting for the very end to reload the gun can leave you short of ammo in fights. Reload whenever you are out of combat or make sure you have a cover while reloading.


Analyze your playstyle and loot according to the requirements. A player is most vulnerable while looting and getting greedy for the extra loot is never a good idea. Take what’s needed and manage the resources carefully so you don’t run out of them during the later stages of the game.

Constantly changing grips (holding style)

There are multiple ways in which a player can hold a phone while playing the game. A thumb grip, 4-finger claw, and 6-finger claw are some grips that are popular right now. Although each of the grips has its advantages and drawbacks, it’s recommended for players to stick to one grip. Constantly changing grips will make you a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Reaching the top ranks of Free Fire will take both experience and practice. The game has a huge player base so the margin for error is very small. Utilize the practice mode in the game and develop skills to compete with the best.

Published 17 Dec 2019
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