5 game mechanics Assassin’s Creed Infinity should take inspiration from

(Image by Ubisoft)
(Image by Ubisoft)

Ubisoft recently announced Assassin’s Creed Infinity, a live service game based on the popular single-player franchise.

While fans were disappointed with the announcement, considering Ubisoft’s recent developments, this didn’t surprise fans. As a franchise, Assassin’s Creed thrives in delivering a strong narrative-focused single-player experience.

Let’s take a look at some mechanics from popular games, which could inspire Ubisoft to build a good live service game

Game mechanics Assassin’s Creed Infinity should take inspiration from

From Hitman World of Assassination to the Dishonored franchise, here are five game mechanics that could make Assassin's Creed an amazing game.

1) Massive Sandbox level to play around (Hitman World of Assassination Trilogy)


With the Hitman World of Assassination trilogy, IO Interactive not only reclaimed the identity of Hitman but also reestablished it as one of the best stealth gaming franchises. Each of the games in the trilogy consists of a handful of levels compared to previous games, however, each of the levels is a massive sandbox with multiple possible actions for the players to play around in.

With long-term support and adding multiple settings periodically, the sandbox levels from the Hitman series and their design and development by IO is certainly a place for the devs at Ubisoft to be inspired by.

2) Never expiring battle pass (Halo MCC and Infinite)


These days, the battle pass and live service gameplay system go hand in hand. It is unfortunate that content is being locked behind a paywall. But, considering the alternative, the battle pass still gives players a sense of accompaniment and earning the itemsit. Considering Ubisoft’s recent history, and its promise to transfer Assassin’s Creed into Live service in Infine, the game is expected to have a battle pass.

Ubisoft should look at Xbox and their Halo franchise while planning the battle pass mechanics. Both Halo MCC and Infinite provide players with a new battle pass every season which does not expire. This means a player can join in late and not miss out on the previous content. If Ubisoft has to do a Battle pass in Assassin’s Creed Infinity, there is no better option than the model set by Halo.

3) Non-Lethal option to take out the target (Dishonored franchise)


Assassin’s Creed, before Odyssey, was all about taking out the target discreetly. As such, a new mechanics evolving on that idea would be the non-lethal option of taking a target out. In the Dishonored series, the developers at Arkane have added brilliant alternative mechanics, where the player can take out targets non-lethally.

While Non-lethal takeout might be something not well suited for a game series named Assassin’s Creed, It could a brilliant alternative mechanics that would challenge the players.

4) Dedicated co-op missions (Assassin’s Creed Unity)


Unity was the first Assassin’s Creed that introduced co-op. It puts up to 4 players on a mission where they have to work together. It was certainly an amazing addition, and with a bit of polish, it could be an amazing addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. With a good narrative and carefully designed missions, the co-op could be an amazing addition to Assassin’s Creed infinity.

5) Historic lore (Every Assassin’s Creed, except Odyssey)


Assassin’s Creed has always been about delivering a strong narrative that makes the player question history. However, Odyssey throws realism out of the window in favor of action gameplay. This results in undermining the entire franchise as well as established narrative threads.

Valhalla tried to recover from that and steered the franchise toward a more believable route. Hopefully, Assassin’s Creed Infinity will continue that.

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