5 indie games releasing in August 2022 that you should try out

Thymesia is an upcoming indie game that has a significant AAA feel (Image via OverBorder Studio)
Thymesia is an upcoming indie game that has a significant AAA feel (Image via OverBorder Studio)

Indie games are video game titles that are developed by independent studios, which generally tend to be less popular than the big-name studios. Indie studios are small enterprises, consisting of a humble workforce that might even mean just one person sometimes.

While AAA games tend to tell large grandiose stories featuring tons of characters and a long narrative, indie games take the opposite approach. With a more focused design, these games contain only a handful of characters and a relatively shorter campaign. Since indie games are developed by independent studios, they also have a smaller budget.

Despite the modest scope and funding of indie games, they do sometimes live up to the same amount of success that is guaranteed for even the most sub-par AAA title. August 2022 has several indie game releases lined up and here are 5 that players should try out if they enjoy playing such titles.

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5 new indie games to get into this August

1) The Mortuary Assistant


This horror game came out on August 2 and was developed by DarkStone Digital, a studio that consists of a single man named Brian Clarke. As a pure example of how low-budget indie games can provide a great experience, The Mortuary Assistant is not a game for the weak-hearted or those who are averse to corpses.

As the title suggests, players will be playing the role of an assistant to a morgue worker, who has to work alone on her own one night.

However, things start to become vaguely paranormal as she performs the usual procedures on a few of the dead bodies. Soon, it becomes apparent that some sort of entity is haunting her.

Despite some bugs on the day of its release, the game received some glowing reviews on Steam since the issues were resolved by Brian Clarke soon after. It is currently available in the store with a 10% discount on an already low price, which ends on August 9.

2) Thymesia


This souls-like game, which bears some striking resemblance to Bloodborne, is releasing on August 18. Developed by OverBorder Studio, the game is an action-RPG title reported to have a fast-paced combat along with an intricate plague weapon system. Despite being an indie game, the visuals seen in the trailers look stunning.

Players take on the role of a character known as Corvus and traverse a fictional kingdom that is riddled with disease. Featuring hack-and-slash combat similar to Bayonetta as well as imposing boss fights from the likes of the Soulsborne games, this indie title is a highly anticipated release.

Despite the evident resemblance to Bloodborne, the game has been said to be easier than most FromSoftware titles. This would mean that it could be a great entry point into this genre for many who find these games overwhelmingly difficult to take on.

3) Rollerdrome


Developed by Roll7 and published by Private Division, Rollerdrome is a third-person action-shooter set to release on August 16. Roll7 are the minds behind the popular OlliOlli series, which makes this upcoming indie game a much-awaited title from the developer, which will be the 14th title in its catalog.

Set in a dystopian future in 2030 and featuring a cel-shaded art style, Rollerdrome looks to be quite a fun game. With fast-paced movement where the player's character is on skates along with cool gunplay action and slow-motion sequences, the game seems to blend elements of a great third-person shooter with gameplay similar to Mirror’s Edge.

This is a single-player game whose story centers around a world that is ruled by Megacorporation. Players need to compete in the Rollerdrome Championship and try to unravel the mystery surrounding the Matterhorn corporation. Gameplay includes skating and shooting, as well as tricks, powerups, and combos.

4) Frogun


Released on August 2, Frogun is a platformer game that plays like a PS1/N64 era game but in a good way. From developer Moleagato, the game has received a lot of positive reviews on Steam and has seen a successful launch. The low pixel and polygonal art style is a direct homage to old-school titles from the 90s.

Players take on the role of Renata, who has to take on an adventurous journey to save her parents. Armed with a grappling hook that looks like a frog, this protagonist takes on various enemies across several different platforming levels in a multitude of biomes.

This indie game serves up so much 90s nostalgia with its design, gameplay, and entire aesthetic that fans of 90s games should definitely give this one a try. It is currently available on Steam with an introductory discount of 20%, which ends on August 9, so players can grab it as soon as they can.

5) Cult of the Lamb


From the developer, Massive Monster, this upcoming rogue-like action-adventure game is set for an August 11 release date. Players take on the role of a possessed lamb who is saved from death by an entity known as the “The One Who Waits” and are tasked with repaying their debt by creating a cult following in its name.

The indie game contains procedurally generated levels where players must take down rival cults and collect resources. Aside from this, the core gameplay also includes cult management as well as crafting to keep it a diverse experience. Enemies consist of rival cultist leaders as well as non-believers whom the players must defeat.

The game area consists of five regions where players can venture out to expand their cult. Members of the cult can be customized with different appearances. They have positive and negative traits that will affect their actions within the cult and their reactions to the player’s orders.

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