5 most interesting features of the Free Fire OB27 update

The Free Fire OB27 update will be accessible to every player from 6 pm (IST) onwards
The Free Fire OB27 update will be accessible to every player from 6 pm (IST) onwards
Modified 14 Apr 2021

The much-anticipated Free Fire OB27 update will be available for players to access on April 14, 2021, i.e., today from 6 pm (IST) onwards. It is expected to include various updates and features ranging from gameplay changes, a new character, and a weapon to UI changes that will provide players with a more seamless experience.

Garena has already announced various important elements that are going to occur in the OB27 update and this article will take a look at the major and most interesting features of them all.

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What are the most interesting upcoming features in the Free Fire OB27 update?

#1 - Introducing a new character - Xayne

New Xayne character in Free Fire
New Xayne character in Free Fire

The character, Xayne, possesses an active skill known as Xtreme Encounter. It gives players 100 HP at the maximum level and increases the damage to gloo walls and shields by 80%. However, it has a very long 100-second cooldown.

It will be very interesting to see Xayne in the full form once it releases. Players are eager to try out this new character in the game.

Note: The ability stated above is from the OB27 Advance Server, and it might change slightly on the actual release.

#2 - Awakened abilities merged and renewed character leveling system

The awakened abilities will be paired with the normal ones, taking up a single slot. As a result, awakened characters would become a much easier and reasonable option for players.

Aside from that, the character leveling system will be redesigned. Players will no longer require currency to level up; instead, memory fragments will help in doing the same.

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#3 - Revival mechanism

The revival mechanism will be available for all maps in the game after the update, which will allow players to bring back their eliminated teammates on the island. This can change the whole perspective of the battle royale mechanism, and it will be interesting to see how players adapt to this new feature.

#4 - Adding Bermuda Remastered permanently

Bermuda Remastered has been one of the most popular maps since its temporary inclusion back in January. Players have been asking for it to be permanently included ever since. Now as declared by Garena, Bermuda Remastered will be added permanently to the game whereas the Kalahari map will be optional to download.

#5 - Throwable overhaul

The throwing distance and blooming speed of the smoke grenade will be increased. At the same time, Flashbangs will become more accessible and easier to use. With these tactical upgrades and optimization, it will be enthralling to see how players make use of these tactical utilities in their game.

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Published 14 Apr 2021
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