5 must-have mods for Armored Core 6

The image depicts a mech in middle of a firefight
While the base game of Armored Core 6 is quite fun, mods can enhance the game experience. (Image via FromSoftware Inc.)

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon was released by FromSoftware, a studio known for popular titles like Elden Ring and the Souls franchise. The latest installment in the Armored Core series is nothing short of a fantastic experience crafted by the beloved Japanese developers. Unlike its Souls-borne siblings, the series is famous for its high-octane action in which you control a mech with high mobility and engage in adrenaline-filled onslaught.

Mods can be used to improve gameplay, and thankfully, Armored Core 6 has many. While the base gameplay is fine with its mech building, energy-packed gunfights, and high-stakes boss battles, some areas have scope for improvement. These issues can be fixed with certain mods, which include implementing improvements, QoL adjustments, and incorporating characters or mechs from various media into the game.

Let's travel to Rubicon and take a peek at what the modding world has to offer here.

Note: One must not enable these gameplay-altering mods during online sessions. You might get reported and/or banned by the anti-cheat for trying these during PvP.

Recommended Mods for Armored Core 6

1) EZ-Core

One of the most useful mods that helps the casual community a lot (Image via NexusMods)
One of the most useful mods that helps the casual community a lot (Image via NexusMods)

Many people shy away from titles developed by FromSoftware because of how difficult they often feel to newcomers. Armored Core 6, despite being easier than the traditional souls-borne formula, is still a FromSoft game with challenging bosses.

The modding community has provided an easy Mode mod named "EZ-Core" to level the playing field for those seeking a less punishing experience. Created by Vawser, this scales down the difficulty level and provides a bunch of tweaks. These modifications include features such as reducing equipment's energy load and weight, increasing the vanilla game's ammo count, and so on.

2) Camera tweaks

Need FOV adjustment? Don't worry modders have your back (Image via NexusMods)
Need FOV adjustment? Don't worry modders have your back (Image via NexusMods)

Vawser's "Camera tweaks" mod gives you a more comprehensive view of the battlefield by drawing the camera back and expanding your field of vision (FOV).

In Armored Core 6, enemies will occasionally surprise you by charging up from a blind spot and landing a couple of cheap hits. Some of the game's more vertical sections are filled with traps that are difficult to avoid at the last second. Many fans expressed dismay that FromSoftware didn't include any built-in choices for increasing the player FOV.

The community has embraced this mod with open arms. A wide camera perspective helps you to recognize threats around your character quickly. In a title like Armored Core 6, where action is all around you, a wider look at the game world can be quite advantageous.

3) No AC restrictions - Use your own AC

Wrecking a boss with your custom mech is fun, and this mod allows it (Image via NexusMods)
Wrecking a boss with your custom mech is fun, and this mod allows it (Image via NexusMods)

The best, but arguably most challenging, part of Armored Core 6 is building your custom mechs to take down bosses. Certain missions in the game still require you to use prebuilt models rather than customized ones.

You can use your own mech during these segments by using Mattoropael's "No AC restrictions - Use your own AC mod." While in-game action will display the customized mech, cutscenes will not, instead displaying the game-curated prebuilt unit.

4) Armored Carl


Fans have started adding outrageous things to the game, including Carl "CJ" Johnson, the beloved protagonist from GTA San Andreas. This mod's authors layered CJ's texture over a mech in Armored Core 6, leading this modification to resemble one of the many glitches in the GTA remastered trilogy.

Pilots can fly a gigantic version of CJ into battle by installing the "Armored Carl" mod created by Dropoff and TKGP. In the video of the mod in use, one can see CJ laying waste to his adversaries with the turret protruding from his tank top.

5) Furo's AC Rebalance

The mod greatly tweaks gameplay balancing (Image via NexusMods)
The mod greatly tweaks gameplay balancing (Image via NexusMods)

Even when a developer creates an incredible game, small adjustments could level the playing field. Some such combat system imbalances are addressed by "Furo's AC Rebalance" by FuroCindras.

In Armored Core 6, creating the optimal weapon stats that are neither weak nor powerful can be challenging. "Furo's AC Rebalance" improves the stability of numerous mech components like its heads, legs, etc. This includes adjusting the fire rate and damage of specific firearms to either weaken or augment them.

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