5 new things coming to Guilty Gear Strive

There's a lot for fans to be excited about (Images via Arc System Works)
There's a lot for fans to be excited about (Images via Arc System Works)

The latest entry in the Guilty Gear fighting game franchise blew fans away when it was released last year. It's the culmination of all that makes fighting games appealing: tight combat, a great soundtrack, and mind-blowing visuals, with the latter being something that developer Arc System Works is renowned for.

The developers announced Season Pass 1 last year, which saw the release of a new story mode section, two stages, and five DLC characters. Now, the renowned fighting game developer has revealed a slew of exciting stuff that is coming to the game.

Guilty Gear Strive brings Season 1 to an end, but the party continues

1) Season Pass 1 Fighter #5: Testament

Testament is coming to Guilty Gear -Strive- and is the FINAL character of Season Pass 1.They will release next week on March 28th for Season Pass owners and 31st for everyone else.

Guilty Gear has always been heavy on the narrative compared to other fighting games. This continues with Strive, where Testament is revealed to be living with an old couple after living a life of hardship after being turned into a Gear. They rely on a youkai EXE Beast during combat and can even use their own blood in battle, like turning it into a scythe.

Season Pass owners will unlock them early on March 28, while others can purchase them on March 31. This reveal also brings an end to Season Pass 1, but there's more.

2) Crossplay

Ready to rock? (Image via Arc System Works)
Ready to rock? (Image via Arc System Works)

After a bit of a wait, the developers have finally answered the community's pleas and have announced that the game will be getting crossplay across all platforms. This means PC, PS4, and PS5 players can fight together independent of their platform.

3) Season Pass 2: 4 new characters

Any guesses? (Image via Arc System Works)
Any guesses? (Image via Arc System Works)

While not much is known as of now in terms of who these characters are, it’s great to see the studio delivering even more content for the game. With the addition of Season Pass 2, the four new fighters will increase the roster count from 20 (including five from Season Pass 1) to 24.

4) New features


The new features in the game are:

  • New stage: White House Reborn (part of Season Pass 1 but can also be purchased separately).
  • Returning mode called Digital Figure Mode: A photo mode, in simple words. Players can place their favorite characters around different backgrounds with desired poses and more.
  • Another Story: New story missions rich with lore about characters not featured in the main story.

5) Arc Revo World Tour 2022

Arc Revo World Tour is coming back in 2022!The titles this year will be Guilty Gear Strive and DNF Duel!More news to come in the coming months!

Arc System Works' official community-focused tournament is returning with an appealing prize pool this year. Guilty Gear Strive will be one of several featured fighting games.

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