5 pets to pair with DJ Alok in Free Fire for aggressive gameplay

Best pets for DJ Alok for aggressive gameplay.
Best pets for DJ Alok for aggressive gameplay.
Modified 21 Apr 2021

Free Fire is an engaging battle royale title that offers many gameplay modes and features for its players. Along with unique game modes, Free Fire also offers characters and pets in the game.

These characters and pets have unique abilities to dispense on the ground. Many players use those abilities aggressively according to their gameplay strategy on the field.

DJ Alok is one of the most sought-after characters in Free Fire with an active skill called Drop The Beat. Players often pick him to hone their aggressive gameplay skills on the ground. However, pets in the game also help improve DJ Alok's ability on the battlefield.

This article dives into some of the best pets in Free Fire that are apt to be paired with DJ Alok for aggressive gameplay.

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What are the best pets to pair with DJ Alok for aggressive gameplay in Free Fire?

#1 - Rockie

Rockie in Free Fire
Rockie in Free Fire

Rockie has an impressive ability in the game called Stay Chill. This ability is beneficial for DJ Alok. It helps him in reusing his skill more often by reducing the cooldown period to a great extent. This ability reduces the cooldown time of a character's enabled active skill by 6%.

The skill cooldown is decreased by 15% when Rockie gets maximized to pet level six.

#2 - Detective Panda

Detective Panda in Free Fire
Detective Panda in Free Fire

Detective Panda truly explores the aggressive side of DJ Alok. It has an ability called Panda's Blessings and, it offers 4 HP to the players when they make a kill. Hence, players can go aggressive with Alok and Panda with killstreaks and, Panda will be restoring the HP of the player.

#3 - Dreki

Dreki possesses the Dragon Glare ability. At its simplest stage, this skill can detect opponents using medkits within a 10m radius. Though it lasts for three seconds, it can give an insight of the enemies to the players.

Hence, they can find and take the enemies down even though they hide behind a wall. DJ Alok's healing and movement speed ability will help while rushing.

#4 - Poring

Poring in Free Fire
Poring in Free Fire

Poring possesses Stitch and Patch. The skill increases the helmet and armor's durability by one every three seconds. It also protects level 1 armor and helmets from attack.

This way, Poring helps Alok rush enemies with significant vest damage protection, which can help him later.

#5 - Falco

Falco is a pet that helps players increase their diving and gliding speed while jumping off the flight. Its ability is called Skyline Spree. The skill includes a 15% increase in gliding speed and a 25% increase in diving speed after the player's parachute opens. This effect applies to the whole team.

Hence, it helps Alok in landing faster than other players on the ground. It allows him to loot weapons beforehand and then rush aggressively towards enemies.

Disclaimer: The choice of pets is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual's playing style.

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Published 21 Apr 2021
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