A124 vs Chrono: Which Free Fire character is better for the Clash Squad mode?

 A124 and Chrono are popular characters in Garena Free Fire
A124 and Chrono are popular characters in Garena Free Fire
Modified 21 Apr 2021

The Clash Squad mode is one of the most popular arcade modes in Free Fire. It features short and intense combat between two squads.

The two teams have to fight it out against each other in seven rounds. The squad that emerges victorious in four of those rounds will be declared the winner.

Players can use any Free Fire character of their choice for the Clash Squad mode.

This article compares two popular Free Fire characters - Chrono and A124 - to determine who is better for the Clash Squad mode in the game.

Assessing the abilities of A124 and Chrono in Free Fire


A124 in Free Fire
A124 in Free Fire

A124 is a robot built with cutting-edge technology. She has an active ability called Thrill of Battle. At the base level, her ability turns 25 EP (Energy Points) into HP (Health Points), with a cooldown of 90 seconds.

At her highest level, A124 can turn 50 EP into HP with a much shorter cooldown of 60 seconds.


Chrono in Free Fire
Chrono in Free Fire

Chrono has an active ability called Time Turner. At its default level, this ability creates a force field that prevents enemies from dealing 600 damage. The player can fire at opponents when inside the force field. The player's movement speed inside the force field is also increased by 5%.

The effects last for three seconds and have a 200-second cooldown.

At the highest level, Time Turner increases the player's movement speed by 15%. The effects last for eight seconds, with a 170-second cooldown.


Chrono can protect the player against enemy attacks and can also increase their movement speed. However, his ability's cooldown period is very long.

A124, on the other hand, offers players a significant boost in HP before the round starts. Her ability also requires a much shorter cooldown period.

Since A124 has a shorter cooldown time than Chrono, her ability can be used more frequently. Hence, it is safe to say that A124 is a slightly better choice than Chrono for Free Fire's Clash Squad mode.

Disclaimer: The choice of a character is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual's playing style.

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Published 21 Apr 2021
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