5 reasons why players must get Diona from the new Genshin Impact event

Diona featured in the Energy Amplifier Initiation event (Image via Genshin Impact Twitter)
Diona featured in the Energy Amplifier Initiation event (Image via Genshin Impact Twitter)
Modified 01 May 2021

Genshin Impact rolled out the 1.5 update a few days ago, and with it came several new events.

In a limited-time event just released, players can purchase the Cryo character, Diona. This event, called “Energy Amplifier Initiation,” also offers an event shop where players can buy Primogems and useful character-building materials, including the rare Crown of Insight.

As this is an event, the shop does not accept Mora, but something called “Fractured Fruit Data.” All this data is collected as players complete the event missions and challenge the Twisted Realm, an event domain challenge.

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Why Genshin Impact players must get Diona from the Energy Amplifier Initiation Event

#1 - Versatile shielding

Diona's shield (Image via Genshin Impact)

Though the five-star Geo Archon is agreeably the best shield support character in Genshin Impact, Diona is perhaps the most versatile shielder in the game.

Her Elemental Skill has a press and a hold option. Pressing her skill fires two “Icy Paws,” which create a shield upon a hit. Holding Diona’s skill has the same effect, except three more paw attacks are launched, and the shield has 75% more damage absorption. The hold ability is better in every way, though it more than doubles the cooldown time.

Pressing Diona’s skill creates a very short cooldown time of six seconds, while her held skill has a cooldown of 15 seconds. Because of this, players shouldn’t use her held skill exclusively in combat.

It’s better to simply press Diona’s skill for consistent shields, consistent damage, and getting elemental energy. Players who use her like this in combat can frequently switch to her to use her abilities.

Meanwhile, her held skill is more valuable in situations where players don’t want to switch back to Diona and perhaps want to focus on solo DPS instead.

Diona is an excellent shield support unit precisely because she gives players the option between these abilities. Those in need of a good shielder should make it a priority to obtain Diona in the new Genshin Impact event.

#2 - Healing bonuses

Diona's Elemental Burst description (Image via Genshin Impact)

Diona is, first and foremost, a shield support character. However, she has some excellent healing bonuses as well via her Elemental Burst. And since Bursts require energy, players who press her Elemental Skill often and use Diona to collect the elemental energy will see more use out of her healing abilities.

Much like Noelle and C6 Zhongli, Diona is a character with both shielding and healing abilities. When it comes to healing, she doesn’t come close to Qiqi, another Cryo character. However, players who want a well-rounded Cryo defense unit can trust Diona to keep the party safe.

#3 - Speed and stamina buffs

Diona in her running animation (Image via Genshin Impact)
Diona in her running animation (Image via Genshin Impact)

As it turns out, Diona’s shield is good for more than just defending. After unlocking the talent called “Cat’s Tail Secret Menu,” her shield allows characters to move 10% faster and consume 10% less stamina.

In many boss battles, speed and stamina are critical to avoiding damage and allowing for more attacks. This is also true in the Spiral Abyss, where many players have to do a lot of running to dodge arrows and other attacks from all the surrounding enemies.

Diona’s talent should work well in these situations, allowing characters to take care of the enemies in a shorter time and come out on the other side with more health as well.

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#4 - Enemy debuffs

Diona and a hilichurl inside the AoE of Diona
Diona and a hilichurl inside the AoE of Diona's Elemental Burst (Image via Genshin Impact)

Diona is unique from most characters due to her ability to easily debuff enemy attack damage, even without her shield.

After ascending Diona to get the Drunkards’ Farce talent, her Elemental Burst will debuff enemy attack damage by 10% for 15 seconds after they enter the AoE. Diona’s shielding abilities on top of this debuff make it a lot harder for enemies to deal significant damage to a player’s characters.

#5 - Diona is easy to obtain

Diona redeem page in the new Genshin Impact event (Image via ZealsAmbitions)
Diona redeem page in the new Genshin Impact event (Image via ZealsAmbitions)

As a free character, Diona is the best reward in the Energy Amplifier Initiation event. Moreover, she’s also not difficult to obtain; players can get Diona within just a single day of playing through the event.

After completing Act I of the event, players should already have 540 Fractured Fruit Data. They can get 500 more just by getting a total combined score of 1000 in the Twisted Realm, which many players should be able to get in a single attempt.

After these items are complete, players should have a little more than the 1000 Data needed to get Diona.

With so little work required, even Genshin Impact players who prioritize the Crown of Insight have no reason not to get Diona from this event.

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Published 01 May 2021
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